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Snoop Dogg Leaves Clues About Battle Rap Featuring At BET Hip Hop Awards

- Looks like battle rap is offically breaking into the mainstream in 2014. The Eminem and..

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Snoop Dogg Talks Involvement With “Call Of Duty: Ghosts”

- Snoop Dogg recently spoke about his role in being a narrator on Call of Duty: Ghosts,..

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Snoop Dogg Bringing Out Dog Food With A Twist

- Snoop Lion dropped in on the late night talk show “Chelsea Lately” recently. On the..

Snoop Dogg Ft. Angela Hunte - Here Comes The King

Snoop Dogg Writes Check For Half A Million, Pays Off Tax Debt

- It was past reported that Snoop Lion (also known as Snoop Dogg) owed the Internal Revenue..

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Snoop Dogg Joins Tony Bennett’s Gun Safety Initiative

- Gangsta rapper-turned-gun activist Snoop Lion (a/k/a Snoop Dogg) has continued to push his campaign to bring peace..

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Snoop Dogg Titles “Excuse My French” One Of “The Hottest Albums” Out

- Prior to the upcoming May 21 release of French Montana’s debut album, Excuse My French, a..

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Snoop Dogg Offers Solution To Gun Violence

- When asked about his views on what individuals can do to help stop the recent..


Snoop Dogg Presents “Double G News Network”

- Snoop Dogg has announced the launch of “Double G News Network” on YouTube. In the..


Snoop Dogg “Doggumentary” Album First Week Sales

- Snoop Dogg‘s “Doggumentary” album, released on March 29, 2011, first week sales is in. According..


Snoop Dogg Hired To Promote New Controversial Drink

- Snoop Dogg is the testimonial of a new alcohol-based energy beverage. It is precisely because..


Snoop Dogg Expands His Youth Football League To Chicago

- We all know Snoop Dogg’s project to hinder teenage crime with his Young Football League..


Snoop Dogg Threatened By Oklahoma Crips

- In a 2009 Snoop Dogg interview with DJ Green Lantern, Snoop Dogg discusses the gang..


Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube Team Up For West Coast Tour

- After Snoop Dogg is done gallivanting around Europe and trying to rent entire countries, he’s..


Snoop Dogg For President Of Serious Pimp Clothing Line

- Snoop Dogg will take on a new executive role this week. On May 29, Tha..


New Tupac Album On The Way

- In 2009, notorious Los Angeles-based label, Death Row Records, was acquired by Toronto’s WIDEawake Entertainment..

Hottest Rappers In The Game: Here Is The Top 10 List For 2008..

- 01. At Last, We Agree With Kanye West, He Is #1 Why He’s Hot With..

2008 Hottest MCs In The Game: Game, Busta Rhymes, Common, Snoop, JD, Dro, Rocko Makes Their List..

- We’re less than a week away from revealing the 2008 “Hottest MCs in the Game,”..

Katt Williams: Teams Up With Snoop Dogg, E-40, MC Lyte For A Debut Rap Album..

- Bobby Shaw, Money Mike and A Pimp Named Slickback, Katt Williams is the ultimate character...

Fabolous: Makes A Band “Fab Five” For Live Stage Performance..

- Fabolous has a band. Before he left last week for a college tour with One..

Rick Ross

Rick Ross: Tops The Charts With New Album “Trilla”, Beating Out Snoop Dogg, Fat Joe..

- Rick Ross didn’t grind on the underground for more than 12 years just to solidify..

Snoop Dogg: Couple Of More Songs With R&B Feel For The New Album..

- “There will be a couple of more songs where I express my R&B feel,” he..

Nas: Its Almost Time For The Release Of The Album “Nigger”..

- “I feel like Cassius Clay right before he took down Liston,” Nas said a couple..

Snoop Dogg: New Video “Sensual Seduction (Sexual Eruption)” Can’t Stop From Been Watched..

- “Sexual Eruption,” “Sensual Seduction” no matter how you label the song title, we can’t stop..

David Banner

50 Cent: Along With David Banner, Akon And Others Shows Full Support To T.I. (Video Available)..

- While T.I. sits in jail on federal gun charges, waiting to see if he gets..

VH1 Hip-Hop Honors

VH1 Hip-Hop Honors: Big Names Like “Snoop Dogg, Missy Elliott, T.I., T-Pain, Ne-Yo, Ice T, KRS-One, Eve, Timbaland” And Many More..

- Ne-Yo, Nelly Furtado and Common were among the performers gracing the Hammerstein Ballroom stage last..


Papoose: New Single “Bang It Out” Featuring Big Snoop Dogg & Produced By Scott Storch..

- People have been talking about Papoose lately for his crew’s beef with fellow Brooklyn native’s..