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Shakira Ft. Rihanna - Can't Remember To Forget You

Shakira Ft. Rihanna – Can’t Remember To Forget You

- Brand new single from Shakira “Can’t Remember To Forget You” featuring Rihanna. Single is available for download..

Eminem em

Eminem Ft. Rihanna – The Monster

- Brand new single from Eminem “The Monster” Ft. Rihanna. This will appear on Eminem’s upcoming album “Marshall..

Wale 7

Wale Ft. Rihanna – Bad (Remix)

- Here is the official remix for Wale’s new single “Bad” featuring Rihanna. Off of Wale’s forthcoming album..

2 chainz1

Rihanna Ft. Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Juicy J, T.I. & 2 Chainz – Pour It Up (Remix)

- 2 Chainz adds a verse to Rihanna’s “Pour It Up (Remix)”, still with Young Jeezy, Rick Ross,..


Rihanna Ft. Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Juicy J & T.I. – Pour It Up (Remix)

- Official remix for Rihanna’s strip-club anthem single “Pour It Up” featuring Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Juicy J..

trae tha truth2

Trae Tha Truth Ft. Rihanna – Pour It Up (Remix)

- Trae Tha Truth does a remix to Rihannas “Pour It Up” joint. Trae Tha Truth..


Pitbull Ft. Rihanna – Diamonds (Remix)

- Pitbull adds a verse to Rihanna’s single “Diamonds”. Pitbull Ft. Rihanna – Diamonds..


Rihanna Ft. Eve – Diamonds (Remix)

- Eve back with another remix, this time over Rihanna’s “Diamonds” classic single. Rihanna Ft. Eve –..

Rihanna 3

Rihanna Ft. Future – Loveeeeeee Song

- This is a reminder: “Unapologetic“, is in stores NOW.. Rihanna “Loveeeeeee Song” Ft. Future.. From RiRi’s..


Rihanna Ft. Chris Brown – Nobody’s Business (Full Version)

- Full version of Rihanna’s “Nobody’s Business” Ft. Chris Brown. From Rihanna’s new album “Unapologetic”, in stores NOW...


Rihanna Ft. N.O.R.E. – Diamonds (Ted Smooth Remix)

- DJ Ted Smooth does a remix of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” with a verse of N.O.R.E. Rihanna Ft. N.O.R.E. –..

Rihanna Ft. Kanye West - Diamonds (Remix)

Rihanna Ft. Kanye West – Diamonds (Remix)

- Kanye West joins Rihanna for an official remix of the dope single “Diamonds”. Rihanna’s new album..

Flo Rida 2

Flo Rida Ft. Rihanna – Diamonds (Remix)

- Something new from Flo-Rida, goes over Rihanna’s “Diamonds” dope single. Flo Rida Ft. Rihanna –..

Rihanna - Stay

Rihanna – Stay

- Brand new Rihanna “Stay”, this is a live rip from her performance on NBC’s Saturday Night..


Rihanna Ft. Chris Brown – Nobody’s Business

- Brand new music from Rihanna “Nobody’s Business” Chris Brown.. This is a 1 min 30 secs..


Rihanna – Diamonds

- Brand new single from Rihanna “Diamonds”. Full and CDQ version. Rihanna – Diamonds “Diamonds” is available..


Rihanna Ft. ASAP Rocky – Cockiness (Love It) (Remix)

- Rihanna links with ASAP Rocky for a remix of her “Cockiness (Love It)” single. Available..

glasses malone1

Glasses Malone – Rihanna

- Dope new music from Glasses Malone “Rihanna”… off of Glasses Malone’s upcoming mixtape “GlassHouse”… Glasses..


Rihanna Ft. Chris Brown – Birthday Cake (Official Remix)

- Another surpriiiise… Official remix of Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” Ft. Chris Brown… Rihanna Ft. Chris Brown..


Chris Brown Ft. Rihanna – Turn Up The Music (Official Remix)

- Surpriiise… here is the official remix for Chris Brown’s “Turn Up The Music” with Rihanna…..

rick ross-1

Rihanna Ft. Rick Ross & Jay-Z – Talk That Talk (Remix)

- Another remix from Rick Ross, this time on Rihanna & Jay-Z’s “Talk That Talk” single…..


Rihanna Ft. Camron – We Found Love (Remix)

- Camron jumps on Rihanna’s “We Found Love” single… Camron and Vado’s “Boss Of All Bosses”..


Rihanna – You Da One

- Another new Rihanna “You Da One”, off of Rihanna’s “Talk That Talk” album, in sores..


Rihanna Ft. Jay-Z – Talk That Talk (Full Version)

- Full version for Rihanna’s “Talk That Talk” Ft. Jay-Z… off of Rihanna’s “Talk That Talk”..


Rihanna Ft. Jay-Z – Talk That Talk (Snippet)

- Snippet for Rihanna’s new single “Talk That Talk” Ft. Jay-Z.. which is also the title..


Drake Ft. Rihanna – Take Care

- Brand new Drake “Take Care” Ft. Rihanna.. off of Drake’s upcoming album “Take Care“, in..


Rihanna Ft. Calvin Harris – We Found Love

- Brand new single from Mrs Barbados Rihanna “We Found Love” Ft. Calvin Harris… Rihanna Ft...


Kush Kloud Klan Ft. Rihanna – Almost There

- Something new from Kush Kloud Klan “Almost There” with Rihanna.. Produced by Soundz… off Kush..


Rihanna – Fading (New Version)

- A new version of Rihanna’s Polow Da Don produced track, “Fading”, off Rihanna’s upcoming album…..


Rihanna Ft. Eve – Man Down (Remix)

- Something new from my girl Eve, adds a verse to Rihanna’s “Man Down”… Rihanna Ft...


Rihanna Ft. Britney Spears – S&M (Remix)

- Britney hops on an official remix with Rihanna for her club [non hiphop] track “S&M”…...


Rihanna Ft. Vado – Man Down (Remix)

- Vado adds a verse to Rihanna’s “Man Down” track… Rihanna Ft. Vado – Man Down..

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Ft. Drake, Big Sean, Kid Cudi & Rihanna – All Of The Lights (Remix)

- Most anticipated version for the remix of Kanye West’s “All Of The Lights” with Lil..


Lil Kim Ft. Rihanna – Cheatin (Man Down Remix)

- Brand new Lil Kim “Cheatin”, which is a remix of Rihanna’s “Man Down” joint… Off..

J Cole

Rihanna Ft. J. Cole – S&M (Remix)

- J. Cole adds a verse to Rihanna’s single “S&M”… Rihanna Ft. J. Cole – S&M..

jermaine dupri

Rihanna Ft. Jermaine Dupri – What’s My Name (Remix)

- Janet Jackson’s man, JD does a remix to Rihanna’s “What’s My Name” single, just as..


Rihanna Ft. Sean Kingston – Whats My Name (Remix)

- Sean Kingston does a remix to Rihanna’s “Whats My Name” track… Rihanna Ft. Sean Kingston..


Rihanna Ft. Nicki Minaj – Raining Men

- New Rihanna “Raining Men” Ft. Nicki Minaj. off Rihanna’s “Loud” album.. album In stores November..

kanye west1

Kanye Ft. Various Artists – All Of The Lights (Final Version)

- Incredible final version for Kanye West’s “All Of The Lights” Featuring John Legend, The Dream,..


Rihanna Ft. Eminem – Love The Way You Lie Pt. 2

- Part 2 to Eminem’s “Love The Way You Lie” with Rihanna, but this will be on..

kanye west3

Kanye West Ft. Rihanna & Drake – All Of The Lights

- Final version for Kanye West‘s “All Of The Lights” Ft. Rihanna, Drake.. this is a..


Rihanna Ft. Drake – Whats My Name

- New Rihanna “Whats My Name” Ft. Drake… off Rihanna‘s upcoming album “Loud“. Rihanna Ft. Drake..


Trae Tha Truth Ft. Rihanna – Gangsta For Life

- New Trae Tha Truth “Gangsta For Life” Ft. Rihanna.. off Trae’s “Can’t Ban The Truth”..


Rihanna – Only Girl (In The World)

- New Rihanna single “Only Girl“… thaught of something hot, since she said its hotter than..


Jay-Z Ft. Rihanna & E.S. Posthumus – Run This Town

- Run This Town orchestral version by E.S. Posthumus. Jay-Z, Rihanna & E.S. Posthumus – Run..


Eminem Ft. Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie

- Another single off Em’s upcoming album “Recovery”… had this since lastweek, but jus been able…..


Shyne & Rihanna – Rockstar (Remix)

- Another new Shyne… Looks like he lives and sleeps in the studio now… Shyne &..

rick ross3

Rihanna Ft. Rick Ross – Rude Boy (Remix)

- Ross jumps on Rihanna’s track… Rihanna feat. Rick..


Rihanna Ft. Red Cafe – Rude Boy (Remix)

-   Rihanna Feat Red Cafe – Rude Boy..


Rihanna Ft. Cassidy & Jag – Rude Boy (Remix)

-  Cassidy and Jag jumps on Rihanna’s single. Rude Boy – Cassidy &..