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Timbaland Ft. Keri Hilson, Attitude & Sebastian – Covers Blown

- Some track from Timbaland “Covers Blown” Ft. Keri Hilson, Attitude & Sebastian.. Sounds like a..


Tank Ft. Keri Hilson – She Got That

- Some new Tank with Keri Hilson “She Got That”, Tank needs more attention, he’s dope..


Lloyd Ft. R. Kelly, Keri Hilson & Knaan – World Cry

- Brand new Lloyd “World Cry” Ft. R. Kelly, Keri Hilson & Knaan… off Lloyd’s upcoming..


Keri Hilson – Shades

- Some new/unreleased Keri Hilson “Shades”, from unknown origin… Keri Hilson –..


Lil Kim Ft. Keri Hilson – Kimmy Girl

- Something new from Lil Kim “Kimmy Girl”, over Keri Hilson’s “Pretty Girl Rock” single… Off..


Chipmunk Ft. Keri Hilson – In The Air

- Brand new single from UK’s Chipmunk with Keri Hilson “In The Air”… Chipmunk Ft. Keri..


Keri Hilson – Captain Song

- Another unreleased Keri Hilson “Captain Song”, also probably a leftover off her “No Boys Allowed”..


Keri Hilson – Black Cloud

- Some unreleased Keri Hilson “Black Cloud”, looks like a leftover off her “No Boys Allowed”..


Timbaland Ft. Keri Hilson – You Lied You Cheated

- “You Lied You Cheated” is this week’s track for #TimboThursdays free music release series by..


Keri Hilson – Drippin

- Brand new Keri Hilson “Drippin”.. an iTunes exclusive bonus track for those who buy Keri..

Keri Hilson2

Keri Hilson Ft. J. Cole – Buyou

- Something new from Keri Hilson’s “No Boys Allowed” album “Buyou” Ft. J. Cole… No Boys..

Keri Hilson2

Keri Hilson Ft. Chris Brown – One Night Stand

- New from Keri Hilson with Chris Brown. The sensual “One Night Stand”, will be on Keri Hilson’s..

Keri Hilson2

Keri Hilson – Toy Soldier

- Promotional track from Keri Hilson “Toy Soldier”, off her upcoming album “No Boys Allowed”, in..

Keri Hilson2

Keri Hilson Ft. Lil Kim – Buy You

- Keri Hilson’s “Buy You” which features Lil Kim, is a single off Keri Hilson’s “No..


Keri Hilson Ft. Kanye West – Pretty Girl Rock (Remix)

- Official remix for Keri Hilson’s “Pretty Girl Rock” track featuring Kanye West…. Keri Hilson Ft...

Foxy Brown3

Keri Hilson Ft. Foxy Brown – Pretty Girl Rock (Explicit Remix)

- Foxy Brown sends in this track, adds a verse to Keri Hilson’s “Pretty Girl Rock”…...


Keri Hilson Ft. Lil Kim – By You

- New Keri Hilson “By You” Ft. guess who??? Lil Kim… Ms. Keri’s “No Boys Allowed”..

Trey Songz TreySongz

Trey Songz Ft. Keri Hilson – Fuck Wit U No More

- New Trey Songz “Fuck Wit U No More” Ft. Keri Hilson… off Trey Songz “#LemmeHolDatBeat”..

Keri Hilson2

Keri Hilson Ft. Rick Ross – The Way You Love Me

- Final version for Keri Hilson’s “The Way You Love Me” Ft. Rick Ross… off Keri..

Keri Hilson2

Keri Hilson – The Way You Love Me

- Second single by Keri Hilson “The Way You Love Me”.. off her upcoming album “No..

kanye west1

Kanye West Ft. Keri Hilson, Pusha T & Cyhi – Take One For The Team

- Another new (GOOD Fridays) Kanye West “Take One For The Team“… Ft. Keri Hilson, Pusha..

ace hood

Keri Hilson Ft. Ace Hood – Pretty Girl Rock (Remix)

- Ace Hood adds 2 verses to Keri Hilson‘s “Pretty Girl Rock“… Ace Hood‘s “The Statement”..

Keri Hilson2

Keri Hilson – Pretty Girls Rock

- 2n single “Pretty Girls Rock” of Miss. Keri “Baby” Hilson‘s off her “No Boys Allowed” album....

Keri Hilson2

Keri Hilson – Lil Somethin

- Yet another new from my girl of the year Ms. Keri Hilson Baaabyy “Lil Somethin“....

Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson – Still A Girl

- Some new Keri Hilson “Still A Girl“… off her upcoming new album “No Boys Allowed”....


Keri Hilson – Breaking Point

- New Keri Hilson single ”Breaking Point” off upcoming album “No Boys Allowed“. shouts to TheChamberGroup for this...


Keri Hilson – I’m With It

- Brand new exclusive Keri Hilson “Im With It“, off Evil Empire‘s “R&B Super Stars” mixtape…..


Keri Hilson – Last Time

- Exclusives goes on… Ms. Keri Baby Hilson gat a new too “Last Time“… keep checking..

bei maejor

Bei Maejor Ft. Keri Hilson – Gamez

- Dope track.. Off Bei Major’s Upside Down mixtape… Bei Maejor Ft. Keri Hilson –..

keri hilson

Keri Hilson – High Definition

- Brand new Keri Baby… off DJ Storm’s new mixtape… Keri Hilson – High..


T.I. Ft. Keri Hilson – Got Your Back

- And its another new excluisve T.I., off his upcoming King Uncaged, droppin August 17th… T.I. Ft. Keri Hilson..


Akon Ft. Keri Hilson – Oh Africa

- Akon Ft Keri Hilson-Oh..


Plies Ft. Keri Hilson – Medicine

- Plies Feat. Keri Hilson –..


Clipse Ft. Pharrell & Keri Hilson – Eyes On Me

- Clipse Ft. Pharrell & Keri Hilson – Eyes On..