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Trick Trick Ft. Royce Da 59 & K Young - No Fly Zone

Trick Trick Ft. Royce Da 59 & K Young – No Fly Zone

- Brand new music from Detroit’s Trick Trick “No Fly Zone” Ft. Royce Da 59 & K..

Yung Berg

Yung Berg Ft. King Los & K Young – I’m On

- New Yung Berg “I’m On” Ft. King Los & K Young .. Produced by C-Sick. ImOn-..

K Young1

K-Young – Psychopath

- New music from K-Young “Psychopath”, off of his upcoming album “Distinguished”, in stores December 11th. K-Young –..


Fashawn Ft. K-Young – Diamonds And Girls

- New music from Fashawn “Diamonds And Girls” Ft. K-Young.. From Fashawn’s upcoming ”Champagne And Styrofoam Cups”, dropping..

K Young1

K-Young – Dream Of My Magic

- New sweet music from our boy K-Young “Dream Of My Magic”, Produced by Komplex.  ”Free Will” out..

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa Ft. K- Young – In The Air

- New music from Wiz Khalifa “In The Air” Ft. K-Young, K-Young on the rise.. Wiz..

k young2

K-Young Ft. Horseshoe Gang – If Ur Single (Remix)

- Official remix for our boy K-Young’s “If Ur Single” joint… Dope music.. Rock wit it!..

K Young

K-Young – Beyond Flesh

- New music from our boy K-Young “Beyond Flesh”, produced by Rob Holladay.. off K-Young’s new mixtape “Something..

Jay Rock

Jay Rock & K-Young – Back In The Days

- New music from Jay Rock & K-Young “Back In The Days”… Produced by Komplex… Off of the..

K Young

K-Young – If Ur Single

- New music from K-Young “If Ur Single”… produced by Rob Holliday.. Download Link to DJ..


Wiz Khalifa Ft. K-Young – Be My Girl

- Untagged version for Wiz Khalifa & K-Young “Be My Girl” joint.. which was on K-Young’s..


Crooked I Ft. K-Young – Diamond In The Back

- New music from Crooked I “Diamond In The Back” Ft. K-Young… off of Crooked I’s..

rick ross-1

Cashis Ft. Rick Ross, The Game, K. Young & Joe Young – Name Of Love

- Some dope new Cashis “Name Of Love” Ft. Rick Ross, The Game, K. Young &..

K Young

K-Young Ft. Kid Ink – Liquid Love

- Brand new from the boy K-Young “Liquid Love” Ft. Kid Ink… off K-Young’s upcoming album..


Yung Berg Ft. K-Young & Menace – Strapped Up

- Something new from Yung Berg “Strapped Up” Ft. K-Young & Menace… off YungBerg’s upcoming mixtape....

Kid Ink

Kid Ink Ft. K Young – Time After Time

- Brand new from Kid Ink “Time After Time” Ft. K Young… off Kid Ink’s “Day..

K Young

K-Young – Take That

- Brand new from the R&B kid K-Young, titled “Take That”.. K-Young’s EP “Keep Talkin About..

Kid Ink

Kid Ink Ft. K-Young – Sex, Drugs, Rock N Roll

- Bonus track from Kid Ink “Sex, Drugs, Rock N Roll” Ft. K-Young.. off the No..

the game6

The Game Ft. K-Young – Lost

- Another New DOPE Game “Lost” Ft. K-Young, off Game’s 2nd new mixtape this year “Purp..


Crooked I Ft. K-Young – California Love 2011

- New Crooked I Hip Hop Weekly Reloaded Ft. K Young “California Love 2011″… Producer Don..

K Young

K-Young Ft. Crooked I – Love Drunk

- K-Young on another track with Crooked I “Love Drunk“.. off K-Young’s “Keep Talking About Love”..

Crooked I

Crooked I Ft. K-Young – Gangstas Cry

- Some new hot Crooked I music with K-Young “Gangstas Cry“… Crooked I Ft. K-Young – Gangstas..


Yung Berg Ft. K- Young & K-Smith – Call On Me

- Some new Yung Berg with K- Young & K-Smith “Call On Me“… Yung Berg Ft...


K-Young – The Way 2 My Heart

- Another new K-Young… Pop R&B flavour track… K-Young – The Way 2 My..


K-Young – Soldier Of Love (Freestyle)

- K-Young goes over Sade’s track, Soldier Of Love… K-Young – Soldier Of Love..


Crooked I Ft. K-Young – Go Hard Or Go Home

- New Crooked, off unreleased B.O.S.S. album (2004)… Crooked I Ft. K-Young..


The Game Ft. K-Young – Diamonds

- New Game… dunno from which project though… The Game Ft. K-Young..


Yung Berg & K-Young – Back Seat

-   Yung Berg & K-Young –..

yung Berg

Yung Berg & K-Young – Smith & Wesson

-   Yung Berg & K-Young – Smith &..


K-Young – Flat Screen (Lemonade Freestyle)

-   K-Young _Flat Screen_ …Lemonade..