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Havoc Ft. Twista - Eyes Open

Havoc Ft. Twista – Eyes Open

- Music video for Havoc Ft. Twista – Eyes..

Havoc Ft. Lloyd Banks - Life We Chose (Official Video)

Havoc Ft. Lloyd Banks – Life We Chose (Official Video)

- Official music video for Havoc Ft. Lloyd Banks – Life We Chose Mobb Deep emcee/producer’s new..


Havoc Ft. Lloyd Banks – Life We Chose

- Brand new joint from Havoc of Mobb Deep “Life We Chose” Ft. Lloyd Banks. Produced by..

Havoc - Gone (Official Video)

Havoc – Gone (Official Video)

- Official music video for Havoc – Gone Directed by Robbie Barclay Download  ”Gone” on..


Havoc – Gone

- Brand new music from Havoc of Mobb Deep “Gone”. Produced by Havoc. This is from his..


Havoc Ft. Royce Da 5’9 – Tell Me To My Face

- Brand new single from Havoc “Tell Me To My Face” Ft. Royce Da 5’9. From Havoc’s..

Havoc - Same Shit Different Day

Havoc – Same Shit Different Day

- Music video by Havoc – Same Shit Different Day.. (C) 2012 Kejuan..


Capone Ft. Havoc – OD

- Another new Capone featuring Havoc, titled “OD”… Capone Ft. Havoc –..


Raekwon Ft. Havoc (Of Mobb Deep) – Your World & My World

- Brand new Raekwon “Your World & My World” Ft. Havoc (Of Mobb Deep).. which is..


Havoc (Of Mobb Deep) – Back On My Bullshit

- Brand new track from Havoc of Mobb Deep “Back On My Bullshit”, getting prepared fro..

Havoc (Of Mobb Deep) & G-Deep - Mesmerizing Eyes (Nain Sharabi)

Havoc & G-Deep – Mesmerizing Eyes (Nain Sharabi)

- Video Havoc (Of Mobb Deep) & G-Deep – Mesmerizing Eyes (Nain..


Havoc, Curtains & Myth – Guerilla War

- New Ayden produced track “Guerilla War” with Havoc, Curtains & Myth. Havoc, Curtains & Myth..


Havoc Of Mobb Deep To Produce For Eminem’ Recovery

- On Thursday, Emimen revealed one more producer name, telling Shade 45 morning show host Angela..


The Alchemist Ft. Havoc – More Keys

- The Alchemist Ft...


Havoc, Big Noyd & Termanology @Bologna il 13 Marzo!

- SABATO 13 MARZO ore 23 Per la prima volta dal vivo a Bologna, due pesi..


Havoc – We Aint Playin

- Havoc – We Aint..

Havoc - Smells Like 95 Sex Tape

Havoc – Smells Like 9-5 / Sex Tape (Ft. Roxy Reynolds)

- ..


Havoc – Always Have A Choice

- Havoc – Always Have A..


Ghostface Killah Feat. RZA & Havoc – Evil Deeds

- Ghostface Killah Feat. RZA & Havoc – Evil..


Havoc-That’s My Word

- The last track off the Hidden Files album which drops manana.  We’ve heard mixed opinions..


Havoc feat Prodigy-On A Mission

- No doubt Havoc and Prodigy do well on their own but when they get together..


(Video) Havoc-Heart Of The Grind

- ..


Havoc-Watch Me

- New Havoc joint to satisfy all those Mobb Deep heads.  Word is Prodigy is teaming..


Mixtape: Lloyd Banks – Halloween Havoc..

- 01 – Halloween Intro 02 – Party N Bullshit 03 – Get Up Feat 50..


50 Cent: Says Kanye West Is His Opposite..

- OK, this is getting ridiculous. Stop it. Just stop it. There isn’t a Kanye West..

Freestyle 101: Prodigy (of Mobb Deep)..

- Anyone who loves hip hop knows veteran New York duo Mobb Deep. Their 1995 breakthrough..

Tony Yayo: Making More Money For Just Hyping Up The Crowd For Somebody..

- When you’re making $50,000 a show just for hyping up the crowd for somebody else’s..

Prodigy Of Mobb Deep

Prodigy Of Mobb Deep: Talks About Fight With Saigon At The SOB’S Club..

- “He saw an opportunity where he could hit me and he hit me,” Prodigy added...


Mobb Deep: Tension With Saigon Spilled Off Of Internet Interviews And Street DVDs Onto The Stage..

- A couple of weeks ago, the long-brewing (as in years-in-the-making) Mobb Deep and Saigon tension..

EA Games Logo

Game: Def Jam 4 – Street Legend..

- Def Jam 4: Street Legend is the fourth installment to the Def Jam video game..