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Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – Do You Really Want To Win?..

- This weeks blog is about something that most artist fail to answer truthfully…my boy D..

Freestyle 101 Immortal Technique

Freestyle 101: Immortal Technique..

- Like Chuck D of Public Enemy and Zach De La Rocha of Rage Against The..

Lil’ Wayne: Praises Cassie For “Official Girl”, Says She’s Sounding Like An Angel..

- A million first-week sales, so what? The SoundScan showing for Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III..

Ludacris: Talks Of Been In The Top 5 Of The Next Hottest MC’s In The Game..

- When Ludacris drops his Theater of the Mind album in the fall, he wants the..

The Game: Props To Busta Rhymes For Not Getting Involved In The Hip Hop Beef..

- Props to Busta Rhymes for not wanting to get involved in the tomfoolery of hip-hop..

Young Jeezy: Gets Moivated By Senator Barack Obama..

- Who inspires hip-hop’s great inspirer? Young Jeezy says it is undoubtedly Senator Change himself, Barack..

Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – Neo In The Matrix..

- Well well well, it’s 1:29 AM New York time, and I have a confession to..


Feature: Tyga – From Fall Out Boy To Lil’ Wayne..

- With a rangy set of friends from Fall Out Boy to Lil Wayne, it was..

Swizz Beatz: Clears Rumors Of Alicia Keys Been Responsable For His Divorce With Ex Wife Mashonda..

- So cool, so nonchalant even his most extravagant endeavors seem like just regular work to..

50 Cent: A Brief Episode Of G-Unit’s Undeniable Popularity In South Africa, Angola and Tanzania..

- The scene outside the airport terminal in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, was an extraordinary sight,..

Young Jeezy: Accused Of Moving Millions Of Dollars In Trafficking..

- While he has not been charged with a crime and at press time appeared unlikely..

R. Kelly: Found Not Guilty On Child Pornography, Here Are Some Opinions..

- A court of law let R. Kelly go, but the court of public opinion? That’s..

Freestyle 101 - Loaded Lux

Freestyle 101: Loaded Lux (Harlem)..

- You’ve seen him decimate MCs on Smack DVD, B.E.T.’s 106 & Park, and a slew..

Editorial: Hang With Five Broke Niggas And You Bound To Be The Sixth..

- What’s goodie street family, I figured this week I would tackle an issue that several..

Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – The Art Of Networking..

- What’s up street family, it’s been a long week so I figured I’d just jump..

Freestyle 101: Smooth Tha Hustler, Trigger Tha Gambler, D.V. a.k.a Khryst

Freestyle 101: Smooth Tha Hustler, Trigger Tha Gambler, D.V. a.k.a Khryst..

- Back in 1996 a rapper out of Brooklyn named Smooth da Hustler released his critically..

Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – The Importance Of Growth..

- What’s goodie street family, shout out to Hip Hop Lead once again for letting me..

Mic Check 9.5  Hosted by Killah Priest

Mixtape: Mic Check 9.5 – Real Recognize Real (Hosted By Killah Priest)..

- 1. Killah Priest Intro 2. Killah Priest – Almighty 3. LL Cool J, Method Man,..

K. Sparks

Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – The New State Of Hip Hop..

- What’s goodie street family, for starters I want to thank Hip Hop Lead for giving..

Freestyle 101 - Ali Vegas

Freestyle 101: Ali Vegas (Prince Of New York)..

- Ali Vegas is nicknamed the \”Prince of New York\” for good reason, he\’s one of..

Hottest Rappers In The Game: Here Is The Top 10 List For 2008..

- 01. At Last, We Agree With Kanye West, He Is #1 Why He’s Hot With..

Nas: Finally Decides Not To Title His New Album N.I.G.G.E.R..

- The controversy over the title of Nas‘ new album is over: The MC has decided..

Pharrell Williams

Audio: Pharrell Ft. Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco & Pusha T – Everyone Nose (Remix)..

- Listen to Audio: Pharrell Ft. Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco & Pusha T – Everyone Nose..

2008 Hottest MCs In The Game: Game, Busta Rhymes, Common, Snoop, JD, Dro, Rocko Makes Their List..

- We’re less than a week away from revealing the 2008 “Hottest MCs in the Game,”..

Feature: Ace Hood (Gutta) – Cash Flow..

- Ace Hood says his name means he’s a force to be reckoned with. “Every time..

T.I. VS Shawty Lo

T.I. And Shawty Lo: Not About G-Unit & Fat Joe, Its A Whole New Beef Phase..

- Well, now that the elephant in the room has been addressed, everyone can move to..

Editorial: Things Have Been Hectic..

- It’s funny what they sometimes, “Be careful what you wish for…” because it’s very true...

R. Kelly: Lawyer Seeks Another Delay In Already Delayed Child Pornography Trial..

- R. Kelly looked grim, standing with his hands in front of him, as his lawyer..

Lil’ Wayne: Pleads Not Guilty Before An Arizona Superior Court Judge On Tuesday..

- Rap artist Lil Wayne stood before an Arizona Superior Court judge on Tuesday (6 May 2008) to plead not..

Freestyle 101: Tha Alkaholiks

Freestyle 101: Tha Alkaholiks (West Coast Legends)..

- Tha Alkaholiks are legends on the West Coast, point blank. Over the course of their..

Game: GTA IV - Grand Theft Auto IV

Game: GTA IV – Grand Theft Auto IV..

- The video game “Grand Theft Auto IV” has arrived in stores, and even if you..

Young Gunz

Young Chris (of Young Gunz): Talks Of State Property Reunion, Beanie Siegel, Lil’ Wayne..

- If you didn’t get the hint from records like “Ocean’s Seven” and “Live in Effect,”..

Lloyd Banks: Talks Of Young Buck, G-Unit’s Recent Allegations And His Artistic Plans..

- Lloyd Banks is no team-jumper. The former “Boy Wonder” turned “Punch Line King” (hey, he’s..

Busta Rhymes: Titles New LP Album “Blessed”, On The Way Out Soon..

- Busta Rhymes will return to his B.S. mode down the line. Although his upcoming album..

Katt Williams: Teams Up With Snoop Dogg, E-40, MC Lyte For A Debut Rap Album..

- Bobby Shaw, Money Mike and A Pimp Named Slickback, Katt Williams is the ultimate character...

Editorial: Things Need To Change..

- You know, many times I try to steer clear of certain topics in the news...

Editorial: Have You Ever Been To A Real Hip Hop Show?..

- I’m not talking that sugar coated music that’s out there today. I’m talking about a..

Freestyle 101: Buckshot

Freestyle 101: Buckshot (One Of Tupac\’s Favorite Rappers)..

- Ever since Buckshot made his hip hop debut as a teen in 1992 with Black..

50 Cent: Replies To Young Buck’s Response On The Track “My Interview”..

- Young Buck did release a retort record called “My Interview,” it wasn’t filled with disses,..

50 Cent: Makes A Couple Of Allegations Against Young Buck And Why He Left..

- Last week, 50 Cent announced that G-Unit member Young Buck had been relieved of his duties..

Freestyle 101: B-Real (Frontman of Cypress Hill)

Freestyle 101: B-Real (Frontman of Cypress Hill)..

- Cypress Hill frontman B-Real knows hip hop and knows weed! Which is why he is..

Ne-Yo: Talks Of His Latest Video And Upcoming LP “Year Of The Gentleman”..

- Ne-Yo literally had the women lying at his feet. Six of them. Dressed in black..

Editorial: Standing In Queue Line At The Post Office..

- Isn’t this one of the most annoying things in life. Usually when you go there..

Foxy Brown: To Be Released From Jail This Friday, Reality Show And New LP In The Works..

- When Foxy Brown‘s fans have talked about “Gotta get you home” over the past several..

Lupe Fiasco: Reports Leaving The Music Industry After His Last LP, 85% Sure..

- Lupe Fiasco recently told MTV Base that he was 85 percent sure his next LP..

Killer Mike

Killer Mike: No More With The Outkast, Now Boss Of His Own..

- Ladies and ghetto-men, Killack Obama. “If you have a boss, and you don’t like your..

Fabolous: Makes A Band “Fab Five” For Live Stage Performance..

- Fabolous has a band. Before he left last week for a college tour with One..

Editorial: 1000 Yard Stare (Military Technique)..

- This was a technique I learned in the military. When we would stand in formation..

T.I: Says Recent Leaked Track “Hunt Em’ Down” Is Not A Paper Trial Record..

- T.I. says an unreleased song of his that just leaked wasn’t intended for public consumption...

Freestyle 101: Ice-T

Freestyle 101: Ice-T (One Of The Most Influential MCs)..

- Filming a Freestyle 101 with the mighty Ice-T was like jamming with Miles Davis, riffing..

Nas: Would Love To See Barack Obama Be The Next President Of America..

- Nas is also hush on whom he’s supporting in the Democratic presidential primary. Similar to..


Jay-Z And Beyonce: Did They Get Married On This Past Friday???..

- There was no official announcement at press time, but after six years of will-they-or-won’t-they speculation,..

Kanye West Shades

Kanye West: Talks About “Glow In The Dark” Tour, Its Going To Be Crazy..

- We are full of first-looks today. Over at his excellent blog, Kanye West just posted..

Jay-Z: To Sign A 150 Million Dollar Deal With Live Nation..

- What’s good enough for Madonna and U2 is good enough for Jay-Z. Actually, what’s good..

Nelly: Talks Of Upcoming LP Album “Brass Knuckles”, Appearances By Akon, Fergie..

- Nelly and girlfriend, Ashanti might make sweet music together as a couple, but when it..

Freestyle 101: Chill-E Will He?

Freestyle 101: Chill-E Will He? (April Fools Day)..

- Ladies and gents, despite it being April Fools Day, we here at Freestyle 101 are..

50 Blood On The Sand Screenshot 4

Game: 50 Cent And The G-Unit – Blood On The Sand..

- Three years ago, 50 Cent was “Bulletproof.” Now he’s leaving “Blood on the Sand.” The..

Editorial: I Feel Like An Old Soul Sometimes..

- Although I’m only 27 sometimes I feel like I’m more closer to 50 or 60..

Editorial: When Did Tight Jeans Become So Cool?..

- This has been on my mind for the past year or so and it’s really..

Rick Ross

Rick Ross: Tops The Charts With New Album “Trilla”, Beating Out Snoop Dogg, Fat Joe..

- Rick Ross didn’t grind on the underground for more than 12 years just to solidify..

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