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Chief Keef’s Probabation Hearing Held Until January

Chief Keef Speaks On Being Evicted From Highland Park Home

- Chief Keef recently made news after being evicted from his home. TMZ asked him about..

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Chief Keef Sued For Allegedly Dropping Out Of Charity Concert

- It’s been reported by TMZ that rapper, Chief Keef allegedly was a no  show for..

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Chief Keef To Pay $230,000 For Missed Concert

- It seems as soon as rapper Chief Keef makes some money,it right back out of..

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Chief Keef’s Not Paying Child Support

- Back in May, Chief Keef was arrested for speeding. During the arrest police found $8,000..

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50 Cent Says Chief Keef “Didn’t Listen” To Advice

- Rapper 50 Cent from what we can see, keeps himself busy with many endeavors. However,..

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Chief Keef Arrested After Court

- Chief Keef was recently in court (June 17th) where he pleaded guily to 110 mph..

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Chief Keef Busted Again

- Chicago rapper Chief Keef is yet again making headlines for riding shotgun with a friend driving his..

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Chief Keef Confirms Appearance On “Yeezus”

- Fellow Chicago rappers Chief Keef and Kanye West are unquestionably collaborating. In an interview with..

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Chief Keef Speeding Arrest Details Surface

- Details have emerged regarding Chicago rapper Chief Keef’s latest arrest. TMZ reports that the police..

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Chief Keef Arrested Again

- For the second time in few weeks, Chicago, Illinois rapper Chief Keef has been cuffed..

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Chief Keef Claims Racism In Weed Bust

- Chief Keef has slammed weed allegations from a hotel security guard that got him arrested,..

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Chief Keef Promos “Beats By Keef” Line Of Headphones

- His line of headphones may not be in stores at the moment but Chief Keef is already giving..

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Chief Keef’s Deal With Interscope Records Said To Be Worth $6 Million

- After going through bidding war back in 2012 and eventually signing with Interscope Records, Chief..

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Chief Keef Sued Over Child Support By Middle Schooler

- Though at the moment he’s imprisoned for breaking his probation, Chief Keef is looking at..


Common Hopes Chief Keef “Continues To Grow”

- Yesterday Chicago rapper Common called Tony Sculfield & The Morning Riot to talk about some..

Chief Keef’s Probabation Hearing Held Until January

Chief Keef’s Probabation Hearing Held Until January

- It seems Chief Keef has gotten some extra time between the release of his debut..

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Pitchfork Media Commanded To Turn Over Video Of Chief Keef At Gun Range

- This past September, Pitchfork Media found itself in a lot of heat after they pulled..

Mother of Late Rapper, Lil JoJo Says Chief Keef Is Responsible For Son’s Death

Mother Of Late Rapper, Lil JoJo Says Chief Keef Is Responsible For Son’s Death

- A few months have passed since Chicago rapper, Lil Jojo was killed in a fatal..


50 Cent Wants to Help Chief Keef

- After missing his own video shoot, you’d think Chief Keef would get somewhere and sit..


Chief Keef MIA At Own Video Shoot

- 50 Cent has seen a lot of things in his time in the industry, but..


Chief Keef “Finally Rich” Mixtape

- After signing a lucrative deal with Interscope, Chief Keef is preparing his next mixtape, the aptly titled..