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Chamillionaire - End Of A Knife

Chamillionaire – End Of A Knife

- Something new from Chamillionaire “End Of A Knife”, Produced by Kato and can be purchased now on iTunes...


Chamillionaire – I Know You See It

- Some new music from Chamillionaire “I Know You See It”.. This is produced by Rapid Ric...

Chamillionaire Ft. Tami Latrell - Watching Breaking Bad

Chamillionaire Ft. Tami Latrell – Watching Breaking Bad

- Brand new single from Chamillionaire “Watching Breaking Bad” Ft. Tami Latrell … Available for download on iTunes...


Chamillionaire – H Town Legend

- New Chamillionaire “H Town Legend”. On this record he reminds folks why he’s a legend of..


Stalley Ft. Lil Keke, Trae Tha Truth, Bun B, E.S.G. & Chamillionaire – Swangin (Remix)

- Stalley recruits Lil Keke, Trae Tha Truth, Bun B, E.S.G. & Chamillionaire for a Houston..


Chamillionaire – Some Things Never Change

- New music from Chamillionaire “Some Things Never Change”. Produced by Mike Saint. Chamillionaire – Some Things..

Chamillionaire - Don't Shoot

Chamillionaire – Don’t Shoot

- Something new from Chamillionaire “Don’t Shoot”.. Produced by Smoke Beatz. Song is available for download on..

Chamillionaire - True Religion

Chamillionaire – True Religion

- Brand new music from Chamillionaire “True Religion”. His new EP “Reignfall”, is set to be released..

Chamillionaire - Hold Up

Chamillionaire – Slow Loud & Bangin

- Here is another new music from Chamillionaire “Slow Loud & Bangin”. Also from Chamillionaire’s latest EP “Elevate”,..

Chamillionaire - Hold Up

Chamillionaire – Hold Up

- Brand new music from Chamillionaire “Hold Up”. Produced by Natural Disaster. This is from Chamillionaire’s latest EP..


Chamillionaire – The Ill Mind Of Koopa

- Brand new music from Chamillionaire “The Ill Mind of Koopa”. Chamillionaire – The Ill Mind Of..

Chamillionaire Ft. D.A. - Show Love (2)

Chamillionaire Ft. D.A. – Show Love

- Music video for Chamillionaire Ft. D.A. – Show Love Available for download on..

The Rej3ctz

The Rej3ctz Ft. Tyga, Mann, Dorrough & Chamillionaire – Cat Daddy (Remix)

- Tyga, Mann, Dorrough & Chamillionaire joins The Rej3ctz for a remix of their joint “Cat Daddy”...

Killer Mike

Killer Mike Ft. Emily Panic & Chamillionaire – Anywhere But Here (Remix)

- Chamillionaire adds a verse to Killer Mike’s “Anywhere But Here” which previously featured Emily Panic. Killer..


Chamillionaire – Let Them Wait

- Something new from Chamillionaire “Let Them Wait”, over DJ Drama’s “We In This Bitch” instrumental… Chamillionaire –..


Chamillionaire – I Think I’m In Love (Freestyle)

- New music [freestyle] from Chamillionaire “I Think I’m In Love”, over Kirko Bangz’ “Drunk In..


Chamillionaire – We’ll Make It

- Another new music from Chamillionaire “We’ll Make It”.. Chamillionaire – We’ll Make..


Chamillionaire – Voice Of Reason

- New music from Chamillionaire “Voice Of Reason”… Chamillionaire – Voice Of..

Marcus Manchild

Marcus Manchild Ft. Chamillionaire – No Mercy

- New music from Marcus Manchild “No Mercy” Ft. Chamillionaire… Marcus Manchild Ft. Chamillionaire – No..


Chamillionaire – Hands On The Wheel (Freestyle)

- Another new freestyle from Chamillionaire “Hands On The Wheel”… Chamillionaire – Hands On The Wheel..


Chamillionaire – Won’t Hear A Sound (Freestyle)

- New freestyle from Chamillionaire “Won’t Hear A Sound”, over Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Church In..


Chamillionaire Ft. Saigon – You Gon Learn

- New track from Chamillionaire “You Gon Learn” Ft. Saigon… Chamillionaire Ft. Saigon – You Gon..


Lil O Ft. Chamillionaire & Killa Kyleon – In Da Wind

- New music from Lil O “In Da Wind” Ft. Chamillionaire & Killa Kyleon… Lil O..


Chamillionaire – Stay Schemin (Freestyle)

- New music [freestyle] from Chamillionaire over Ricky Rozay’s “Stay Schemin”… Chamillionaire – Stay Schemin..


Chamillionaire Ft. Tami LaTrell – Won’t Change

- New music from Chamillionaire “Won’t Change” Ft. Tami LaTrell…. produced by @Vmanproductions… Pre-Order Chamillionaire’s AMMUNITION..


DJ Fletch & Chamillionaire – Swangin Solo

- 1. Intro 2. Chamillionaire Speaks 3. From The South 4. Yall Don’t Want Us 2..


Slim Thug Ft. Paul Wall & Chamillionaire – Houston

- Brand new Slim Thug “Houston” Ft. Paul Wall & Chamillionaire.. Thug Thursday release… Slim Thug..


L.E.S. Ft. Chamillionaire & Slim Thug – Shut It Down

- New Thug Thursday track, L.E.S. Ft. Chamillionaire & Slim Thug “Shut It Down”… L.E.S. Ft..

rockie fresh

Rockie Fresh Ft. Chamillionaire – Breakthrough

- Something new from Chicago’s Rockie Fresh “Breakthrough” Ft. Chamillionaire.. Produced by Mike Daley.. Rockie Fresh..


Chamillionaire – Badazz Slow Mixes (Official Mixtape)

- 01. Chamillionaire Feat. Big K.R.I.T. – Hometown (Arshizzle & Prabh Mix) (5:27) 02. Chamillionaire Feat...


The Outlawz Ft. Chamillionaire – One Way

- Brand new from The Outlawz “One Way” Ft. Chamillionaire… The Outlawz Ft. Chamillionaire – One..


Chamillionaire – We All Done (I’m On One Remix)

- Something new from Chamillionaire “We All Done”, a remix to Drake, DJ Khaled and co’s..


Chamillionaire Ft. CurrenSy & Wiz Khalifa – Silence

- Here is some new free mix by Chamillionaire “Silence” on with CurrenSy & Wiz Khalifa… off..


Chamillionaire Ft. Young Jeezy & Lil Wayne – Ballin (Remix)

- Another new free mix from Chamillionaire which is a remix of Young Jeezy & Lil..

Chamillionaire - Badazz Freemixes 2

Chamillionaire – Badazz Freemixes 2

- 01. Chamillionaire – Bring The Chalk In (2:37) 02. Chamillionaire Feat. Lil Wayne – Ballin’..


Chamillionaire – Racks On Racks (Remix)

- Something new from Chamillionaire, goes over YC’s “Racks” smash hit… off Chamillinaire’s “Badazz Freemixes 2″..


Chamillionaire Ft. Young Jeezy, Wiz Khalifa & Chevy Woods – Homicide

- Another new Chamillionaire, this time he re-news Wiz Khalifa & Chevy Woods’ “Homicide”, with Young..

Chamillionaire - Bad Azz Freemixes

Chamillionaire – Bad Azz Freemixes

- 01. Chamillionaire – Welcome To The Hood (1:53) 02. Chamillionaire Feat. Ludacris – Furious Five..


Chamillionaire Ft. Royce Da 5’9 & Eminem – Fast Lane

- Another new Chamillionaire remix of Royce Da 5’9 & Eminem’s “Fast Lane” single.. also off Chamillionaire’s..


Chamillionaire Ft. Ludacris & Slaughterhouse – Furious Five

- Something new from Chamillionaire, a “Furious Five” remix with Ludacris & Slaughterhouse’ verses on.. off..

Marcus Manchild

Marcus Manchild Ft. Bun B, Chamillionaire, Slim Thug, Paul Wall & Kirko Bangz – Get Off Me (Remix)

- Marcus Manchild manages to get southern heavyweights Bun B, Chamillionaire, Slim Thug, Paul Wall &..


Chamillionaire – Shit I’ve Seen (Remix)

- Here’s some new Chamillionaire “Shit I’ve Seen”, adds a verse to Yelawolf and Trae Tha..

Chamillionaire - Major Pain 1.5

Chamillionaire – Major Pain 1.5 (Official Mixtape)

- 01. Already Dead Intro 02. War To Your Door 03. Slow City Don 04. Slow..


Chamillionaire – All Of The Lights (Freestyle)

- New Chamillionaire, goes over Kanye West’s “All Of The Lights”….. Chamillionaire – All Of The..


Chamillionaire Ft. Short Dawg – Passenger Seat

- New single from Chamillionaire “Passenger Seat” Ft. Short Dawg… Support the single on iTunes… Chamillionaire Ft...

Chamillionaire Ft. Big K.R.I.T. - This My World

Chamillionaire Ft. Big K.R.I.T. – This My World

- Video Chamillionaire Ft. Big Krit – This My..


Chamillionaire – After The Superbowl

- Chamillionaire keeps firing in some new music, this one is “After The Superbowl”… Chamillionaire –..


Chamillionaire – Rubber Bands

- Another new Chamillionaire “Rubber Bands”, a bonus freestyle for his #PlaylistPoison 2.. Chamillionaire – Rubber..


Chamillionaire Ft. Big K.R.I.T. – This My World

- Brand new Chamillionaire “This My World” Ft. Big K.R.I.T…. a track off his #PlaylistPoison 2…..


Chamillionaire Ft. Nipsey Hussle – When Ya On

- Something new from Chamillionaire “When Ya On” Ft. Nipsey Hussle… Real Talk song!!! Chamillionaire Ft...


Smoot Ft. Maino & Chamillionaire – Grain Grippa (Remix)

- Maino & Chamillionaire joins Smoot on his “Grain Grippa” remix… Smoot Ft. Maino & Chamillionaire..


Slim Thug Ft. Chamillionaire – Pull Up

- Slim Thug recently had some probs with his label and decided to release fresh songs..


Z-Ro Ft. Paul Wall & Chamillionaire – Denzel Washington

- First time hearing of Z-Ro… off his Heroin album… Z-Ro Ft. Paul Wall & Chamillionaire..


Chamillionaire Ft. Lloyd & Twista – Make A Movie

- Brand new Chamilitary… Chamillionaire Ft. Lloyd & Twista – Make A..


Chamillionaire – A Dream (Freestyle)

- Brand new Cham freestyle… Chamillionaire – A Dream..


Chamillionaire – Houston Got A Problem

-   Chamillionaire – Houston Got A..


Chamillionaire Ft. Francisco – Rollin Like A Boss

-   Chamillionaire ft. Fra…o – Rolln Lika..


Chamillionaire Ft. Paul Wall, Slim Thug & Dorrough – Main Event

- Chamillionaire (feat P… Main Event..

Chamillionaire - Major Pain

Chamillionaire – Major Pain

- 01 Chamillionaire – Warn You 02 Chamillionaire – Price Of Failure 03 Chamillionaire – I’ma..


Chamillionaire – Pursuit Of Cream

- Chamillionaire – Pursuit Of..

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