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Camron Ft. 2 Chainz - Snapped

Camron Ft. 2 Chainz – Snapped

- Camron links up with 2 Chainz for his latest record “Snapped”. Listen to Camron Ft...

Avian Ft. Jim Jones, Juelz Santana & Camron - Billboard Chick

Avian Ft. Jim Jones, Juelz Santana & Camron – Billboard Chick

- New music from R&B artist Avian “Billboard Chick” Ft. Jim Jones, Juelz Santana & Camron. Avian..

Camron 1

Camron – We Made It (Remix)

- Camron drops some bars over Drake and Soulja Boy’s “We Made It” record. Camron – We..


Camron – Humphrey

- New Camron “Humphrey”.. Produced by A-Trak and Party Supplies. Off of Camron’s upcoming EP “Federal Reserve”...

Camron 1

Camron – Come And Talk To Me (Jay-Z Response)

- Something new from Camron “Come And Talk To Me”, over Jodeci’s instrumental. This is a..

Camron 1

Camron – Golden Friends

- Latest record from Camron “Golden Friends”. Which samples singer Cynthia Fee’s “Thank You For Being a..


Camron Ft. Lil Wayne – Love To A Diplomat

- Brand new music from Camron “Love To A Diplomat” Ft. Lil Wayne.. Also from From Funkmaster Flex’s new..


Camron Ft. Meek Mill – Murder Game

- Sopmething new from Camron “Murder Game”  with a sample of Meek Mill on the hook.  Camron..


Camron – You Know This

- New music from Camron “You Know This”. New album on the way. Camron – You Know..

Wiz Khalifa Ft. Camron - The Bluff

Wiz Khalifa Ft. Camron – The Bluff

- Brand new music from Wiz Khalifa “The Bluff” Ft. Camron.. From Wiz Khalifa’s upcoming album “O.N.I.F.C.”, in..

Lil Wayne 7

Jim Jones Ft. Lil Wayne & Camron – 60 Rackz (Remix)

- Lil Wayne & Camron joins Jim Jones’ for the remix “60 Rackz”. Jim Jones Ft...


Camron Ft. Vado & Sen City – After That Paper

- Another new music from Camron “After That Paper” Ft. Vado & Sen City… #UNLostFiles. Camron..


Camron Ft. Vado – Ain’t Gonna Happen

- New music from Camron “Ain’t Gonna Happen” Ft. Vado… Camron Ft. Vado – Ain’t Gonna..


Camron Ft. T.I. – Jungle

- New music from Camron “Jungle” Ft. T.I.. The #UNLostFiles goes on!! Camron Ft. T.I. –..


Camron Ft. Vado – Suga

- New music from Camron “Suga” Ft. Vado… Camron Ft. Vado –..


Camron Ft. Vado – Panasonic

- New music from Camron “Panasonic” Ft. Vado… Produced by Butter Beats… Camron Ft. Vado –..


Camron Ft. Vado – Where The Mali At

- New music from Camron “Where The Mali At” Ft. Vado… Produced by Skitzo. Camron Ft...


Camron Ft. Vado & Sky-Lyn – Sweet Thang

- New music from Camron “Sweet Thang” Ft. Vado & Sky-Lyn.. Track #10/30.. Camron Ft. Vado..


Camron Ft. Vado & Sen City – Money Money Money

- New music from Camron “Money Money Money” Ft. Vado & Sen City… this is track..


Camron Ft. Vado & Sen City – Ohh Baby

- New music from Camron “Ohh Baby” Ft. Vado & Sen City… Track #6/30. Camron Ft...


Camron Ft. Vado & Rod Raspy – Higher Baby

- New music rrom Camron “Higher Baby” Ft. Vado & Rod Raspy… 4th track from the..


Camron – Murder 1

- New music from Camron “Murder 1″, a new day a new track for 30 days....


Camron – Love My Life

- New music from Camron “Love My Life”, keep up, 1 new Cam song everyday for..


Camron Ft. Sen City – Titty Attack & Tears

- New music from Camron “Titty Attack & Tears” Ft. Sen City… Cam will be releasing..

nicki minaj3

Nicki Minaj Ft. Camron & Rick Ross – I Am Your Lead

- New song from Nicki Minaj “I Am Your Lead” Ft. Camron & Rick Ross… off..


Camron – F*ck You

- New music from Camron “F*ck You”… available for download on iTunes. off of Cam’s upcoming album..


Camron Ft. Yummy – So Bad

- New music from Camron “So Bad” Ft. Yummy… Camron Ft. Yummy – So..


Mac Miller Ft. Camron – Dig That

- New music from Mac Miller “Dig That” Feat. Camron … produced by Big Jerm…. Mac..


Rihanna Ft. Camron – We Found Love (Remix)

- Camron jumps on Rihanna’s “We Found Love” single… Camron and Vado’s “Boss Of All Bosses”..


Camron – Motivation

- New track from Camron “Motivation”, Produced by araabMUZIK. off of the “Boss Of All Bosses 3″..


God Kain Ft. Camron & Freekey Zekey – Big Money

- New from God Kain of 730 Dips with Camron and Freekey Zekey, titled “Big Money”… God..


Mel Matrix Ft. Camron & Rah Murda – We Get It Poppin

- New from Mel Matrix “We Get It Poppin” Ft. Camron & Rah Murda… off of..


Wolfgang Gartner Ft. Jim Jones & Camron – Circus Freaks

- Something new from Wolfgang Gartner “Circus Freaks” Ft. Jim Jones & Camron.. Off Wolfgang Gartner’s..


Camron & Jim Jones – Ima Boss (Freestyle)

- Something new from Camron & Jim Jones, over Meek Mill’s “Ima Boss” beat… Camron &..


Camron & Vado Ft. Jim Jones & Sen City – Makeout

- There goes another new Camron & Vado “Makeout” Ft. Jim Jones & Sen City… also..


Camron & Vado Ft. P Da Don & Jim Jones – They Know Who We Are

- Another new Cam’ron & Vado “They Know Who We Are” Ft. P Da Don &..


Camron & Vado Ft. Hell Rell & JR Writer – Watch Out

- Brand new Camron & Vado “Watch Out” Ft. Hell Rell & JR Writer… off Camron..

uncle murda

Uncle Murda Ft. French Montana, Jadakiss, Styles P, Jim Jones, Vado & Camron – Warning (Remix)

- My man  Uncle Murda gets French Montana, Jadakiss, Styles P, Jim Jones, Vado & Camron..


Camron & Hell Rell – From The Bottom (Remix)

- Some new [remix] Camron & Hell Rell “From The Bottom”, Off Camron’s upcoming mixtape “Family..


McKenzie Eddy Ft. Camron & Vado – In This Thing

- “In This Thing” is the 3rd free album by McKenzie Eddy which features Camron & Vado…..


Camron & Vado Ft. Jazz – Soulja

- Brand new from Camron & Vado “Soulja” Ft. Jazz.. Produced by Butter Beats.. off their..

jim jones2

Randyn Jullius Ft. Jim Jones, Teyana Taylor, Alphared & Camron – Party Tonight

- This is the original finished track for Randyn Jullius’ “Party Tonight” Ft. Jim Jones, Teyana..

jim jones2

Jim Jones & Camron Ft. Teyana Taylor – Party Tonight

- Brand new from Jim Jones & Camron “Party Tonight” Ft. Teyana Taylor… also produced by..


Camron & Vado – Talk My Nigga

- Brand new from Camron & Vado “Talk My Nigga”… off their upcoming mixtape “Boss of..


Camron – Go Now (No Tags)

- Untagged version for Camron’s “Go Now”, which previously dropped on a DJ Haze mixtape.. Camron..


Camron – Go Now

- Some new Camron “Go Now”, also off DJ Haze’s “Still Countin Money Vol. 5″ mixtape…..


Camron & Vado – Killa

- Brand new Camron & Vado “Killa”.. produced by AraabMUZIK… off their upcoming album “Gunz N..


Camron & Vado – Put A Bird Up

- Brand new Camron & Vado “Put A Bird Up”… off their upcoming album “Gunz N..


Camron Ft. Sen City, Vado & Jim Jones – Ooohhh

- Camron releases the final version of “Ooohhh”, which just dropped as “Throw It In The..


Camron – Throw It In The Air

- Something new from Camron “Throw It In The Air”.. Camron – Throw It In The..


Camron & Vado – Hey Muma

- Brand new Camron & Vado “Hey Muma”… Off Camron & Vado’s long awaited album ”Gunz N Butta”..


Camron – Oh What A Night (Full Version)

- This is Cam’ron track “Oh What A Night” was recorded and previewed in 2005 when..


Camron & Vado – And You Don’t Stop

- Hot new Camron & Vado “And You Dont Stop”… they will be dropping a new..


Camron & Vado – Sour Life

- Something new from Camron & Vado “Sour Life”, sounds like Jay-Z’s “Hard Knock Life”… Camron..

Kanye West news

Kanye West Ft. Various Artists – Christmas In Harlem (Final Version)

- Full version for Kanye West’s “Christmas In Harlem” ft. Camron, Jim Jones, CyHi Da Prynce,..


Camron & Vado Ft. Rick Ross – Im About Cream

- Something new from Camron & Vado “Im About Cream” with Rick Ross sample as the..

jim jones2

Jim Jones Ft. Camron & JR Writer – Go Cinderella

- Something new from the Dipset crew, Jim Jones, Camron & JR Writer “Go Cinderella”… Jim..


Twista Ft. Camron – Follow U On Twitter

- Some new Twista Ft. Camron “Follow U On Twitter”… Twista’s “The Perfect Storm” album, in..


Camron – HUD6

- New Camron “HUD6“… goes over Eminem & Lil Wayne‘s “No Love” track… Camron –..

Tyga tyga

Tyga Ft. DJ Khaled, Trina, Too Short, Maino, Camron & Nipsey Hussle – I’m On It (Remix)

- Official remix to Tyga‘s “I’m On It” Ft. DJ Khaled, Trina, Too Short, Maino, Cam’ron..

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