Triple C’s – Custom Cars & Cycles

// October 5th, 2009
Triple C’s – Custom Cars & Cycles

Triple C’s first studio album titled Custom Cars & Cycles is due October 27, 2009. Go is the first single from the album and has been released on iTunes on August 31, 2009.

1. Custom Cars & Clips
2. White Sand
3. Break It Down feat. Bun B
4. Go feat. Birdman
5. We Getting It
6. Trickn Off feat. Gucci Mane
7. Throw It In The Sky
8. Erryday feat. Young Jeezy & JW
9. Customized
10. Gangsta Sh*t feat. The Game
11. Finer Things feat. Masspike Miles
12. Chickn Talkn feat. Mack 10 & Warren G
13. Diamonds & Maybachs Pt. 2 feat. Suede Royale
14. Hustla feat. Masspike Miles
15. Yams Pt. 2 feat. Yo Gotti

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