D-Block – No Security

// May 26th, 2009
D-Block – No Security

No Security is a compilation album by rap group D-Block. It is set to be released on June 9, 2009.

It will be used to promote themselves, and to gain anticipation for their third studio album, New L.O.X. Order.

1. It’s Like That
2. Hat To The Back
3. Got Me Chop
4. Fresh & Fly
5. That’s D-Block
6. Showin’
7. Learnin’
8. For Your Hood
9. Throw Off
10. Let’s Get Doe
11. Let Roll

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  1. gregory crosland says:

    do u have a copy of d block blow cocaine music. I cannot find a copy of this particular c/d. If u have this c/d would u please e/mail me at the above address.