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K. Sparks Feat. Julius Francis – Temperature

Manic Mondays week 40, Enjoy this Club Banga… Listen to K. Sparks Feat. Julius Francis – Temperature K. Sparks Ft. Julius Francis – Temperature

K. Sparks Ft. J.D. – Soul Food (Prod. By Pajozo)

Yea yea, Manic Mondays goes on. Week 39, enjoy! K. Sparks Feat. J.D. – Soul Food

Julius Francis Feat. K. Sparks – Round 2 (Final)

Julius Francis Feat. K. Sparks – Round 2 Download : Julius Francis Feat. K. Sparks – Round 2

K. Sparks Ft. Julius Francis – Midnight Thoughts (On N On)

K. Sparks Feat. Julius Francis – Midnight Thoughts

K. Sparks – Retarded (Produced By Jazzy Jeff)

K. Sparks – Retarded (Produced By Jazzy Jeff)

K. Sparks – Dreamin’ (Prod By DJ Bobby Bob)

Manic Mondays week 36… K. Sparks – Dreamin’ (Prod By DJ Bobby Bob)

DJ Mixtape Assassin & K. Sparks – Manic Mondays Vol. 2

This is Manic Mondays Volume 2 blended my Double Up Entertainment DJ Mixtape Assassin…the tape has all of my original songs from weeks 18 through 35…once again this is really an album because all of the material is original. DOWNLOAD FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY

K. Sparks – Hard (Produced By Skrazey)

K. Sparks – Hard (Produced By Skrazey)

DJ Dublee & K. Sparks – XXL Freshman 2010

K. Sparks latest Mixtape project has been released with DJ Dub Lee and finds the Queens emcee proving once again why he is one of the best up coming rap artist within the music industry. Download For Promotional Use Only

K. Sparks Journal – The Making

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to write a journal. I’ve been super busy with my series Manic Mondays, doing Interviews, and working on four album projects at once. But after a few E-mails from people requesting I do a Journal how could I say no? Gotta give the people what they […]

K. Sparks Feat. Julius Francis – Bright Lights

HHL’s own artist and editorial writer K. Sparks continues with his journey with Manic Mondays. For thos who dont know what Manic Mondays is about “Its about K. Sparks releasing a free Exclusive track on every Monday” this week is n. 34, titled Bright Lights Feat. Julius Francis (Produced By Kurser) K. Sparks Feat. Julius Francis […]

Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – New Places New Faces..

I haven’t been able to keep up with writing Journal’s as often as I would prefer due to a lot of time constraints. Manic Mondays is taking off so I’ve been spending most of my time writing and listening to beats (shout out to every producer that submits beats as well). However, tonight I actually […]

Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – The Auto Tune Coon..

It’s Saturday night…I’m listening to some beats and I got some inspiration after surfing the net hearing the 15th artist in a row using that God damn auto tune (lawd jesus save us from that evil auto tune )…but before I get into that let me explain the definition of a “coon” to some of […]

Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – George Bush Is A Moron..

Let me clear my throat again…ahem…previously I was watching “The Presidential Address” from our very intelligent (sniff sniff…can you smell the sarcasm) President George W Bush…I have a question, is this guy retarded? Seriously, I think maybe his mother and father dropped him on his head when he was a kid, and he had to […]

Download: K. Sparks And Pajozo – Definition (Album)..

1. Intro 2. All That Jazz 3. Take Em High ft Kid Cudi 4. Posers 5. Ambition 6. Pride 7. Revenge ft Nova 8. Sick 9. Coulda Been 10. Definition 11. Wack Is The New Hot 12. Ghetto Child ft Tina Quallo 13. Outro DOWNLOAD FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY

Mixtape: K. Sparks & DJ Killa P – When The Smoke Clears..

1. K. Sparks Intro 2. Ambition Produced By Pajozo 3. Dedication Produced By Skrazey 4. Yellow 5 Produced By Big Drew 5. Who shot ya Freestyle 6. Keep It Gulley (Ft. Angelous) Produced By Moe 7. Double Up Soldier Freestyle 8. Love Jones Produced By Fero Navi 9. Trill Produced By Fero Navi 10. Eye […]

K. Sparks – Dictionary (Produced By Glishy)

Stream-Download Off the Compilation CD “On The Grind” presented by Hip Hop Lead and Glish Productions

Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – Manic Mondays..

For starters, shout out to the Hip Hop sites and Blog sites that continue to show support for my movement. This week I started Manic Mondays, which means every week I will be sending out a new record every Monday for the next year. Crooked I started doing this with The Hip Hop Weekly, and […]

Audio: K. SParks – All That Jazz (Definition)..

Stream-Download Off upcoming album Definition… also appears on the HHL History In The Making Compilation CD!

Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – Focus On What You Can Do..

For starters, shout out to this website for lettin me sound off with ya’ll. I got this message in my inbox this week, I left the name of the person out for privacy purposes, but ya’ll can peep it to see what the person said “yo K, wud up. I see you doin ya thing […]

Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – How To Build A Strong Team..

“We all have something to give. So if you know how to read, find someone who can’t. If you’ve got a hammer, find a nail. If you’re not hungry, not lonely, not in trouble–seek out someone who is”. Building a team is important to succeed in the music industry. However, the most important part of […]

Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – Life Is Life..

Damn… I just found out some real bad news…one of my friends named Sequain (better known to most as Q) passed away. I was doing so much musically I couldn’t always speak to him on the phone, but we would always chop it up on AIM, but once I got my Black Berry I stopped […]

Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – The Chitlin Circuit..

This blog really has no specific direction, it pretty much just sums up how I’m feelin at this moment and time. If I could describe how I feel in one word I would say “tired of shiftless ass niggas” lol (every blog can’t be deep and philisophical, sorry). I mean c’mon, this week has been […]

Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – Payola..

What’s good street family. For starters, I wanna shout out Hip Hop Lead again for givin me the platform to build with ya’ll on a weekly basis. There are very few Hip Hop websites that support the underground community. Even though I continue to recieve a lot of support, I’m still dealin with the bullshit […]

Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – Do You Really Want To Win?..

This weeks blog is about something that most artist fail to answer truthfully…my boy D Roof said this in a song and I find this shit is mad true. At some point and time as an artist you have to ask yourself “do you really want to win…or just look good losing?” I see a […]

Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – Haters Make My Buzz..

For starters I want to shout out HipHopLead again for letting me sound off weekly about different topics. This is a REAL Hip Hop website, so respect is due to these cats! Life is good, I don’t have any complaints. I been busy like 100 mexican day laborers. For starters I got a nomination at […]

Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – Neo In The Matrix..

Well well well, it’s 1:29 AM New York time, and I have a confession to make…I hate Hip Hop music at this point in time. I feel like Neo in the fuckin Matrix. Some of these so called dopest rappers in the game right now suck like hoes on 42nd street turnin tricks to me…but […]

Editorial: Hang With Five Broke Niggas And You Bound To Be The Sixth..

What’s goodie street family, I figured this week I would tackle an issue that several artist face…how do you motivate people on your team? Most people tell me “yo Sparks, why is it I go hard at this music shit but motherfuckers on my team are lazy” or “why is it I seem to want […]

Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – The Art Of Networking..

What’s up street family, it’s been a long week so I figured I’d just jump right into a topic that alotta cats ask me. What is the best way to promote yourself? In today’s cluttered market place there are too many rappers. Let’s be serious, everybody raps, everybody’s an emcee, producer, and yada yada. Hands […]

Mixtape: K. Sparks - Hip Hop 101
Mixtape: K. Sparks – Hip Hop 101 (HHL Affiliate)..


Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – The Importance Of Growth..

What’s goodie street family, shout out to Hip Hop Lead once again for letting me sound off. This week I got a gem for ya’ll that is important if you ever want to get ahead in this business, the importance of growth. Any business owner will tell you this simple rule, “in business if there […]

K. Sparks
Editorial: K. Sparks Journal – The New State Of Hip Hop..

What’s goodie street family, for starters I want to thank Hip Hop Lead for giving me the platform to speak with ya’ll on a weekly basis. Weekly I’ll be checkin in to sound off in regards to different subject matter. Out the gate I want to talk about something that I hear a lot of […]

Ne-Yo: Talks Of His Latest Video And Upcoming LP “Year Of The Gentleman”..

Ne-Yo literally had the women lying at his feet. Six of them. Dressed in black tops and white pants to match his pearly hard-bottom shoes. When director Ms. Melina yelled, “Action!” Ne-Yo walked around the ladies, who rose, spinning in concert with the singer until the action was halted by a “Cut!” Ne-Yo promised that […]

Dilemma – Producer Talk (Exclusive Interview)

Born and raised in New Jersey, Dilemma has become a rising star in the production industry ever since he began in 2000 at the age of 18. Dilemma has worked with such artist as Talib Kweli, Rhymefest.. Interview by Glish of HHL: How are you doing man? I’m blessed. Thanks for having me. I feel real […]

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