Yung Joc Talks About Not Working Any More With His Producer “Nitti”..

Young Joc

Yung Joc recently reports that he and producer Nitti will no longer be working together.

Producer Nitti is working on a solo project, but has no intentions to include Joc on the album. Nitti produced several songs off Joc’s debut, New Joc City, including smash singles Young Joclike “It’s Going Down” and “I Know You See It.” The Atlanta rapper recently gave his side of the story. “I decided not to do the deal then, with him [Nitti]. I felt the other route going with Bad Boy South, Block Entertainment was a better route for me. And that’s what I did. And I think it was a blow to the system over there,” Joc said. “What ended up happening is the shit took off so crazy, so fast and so big, that, it was trying to hold on to me, but it couldn’t be done. And I think that when everybody was like to his face, ‘damn you let that slip.’ I think that in itself kinda fueled the fire for this dude.

“Dude is a nice ass producer. It ain’t many ni**as that can touch this dude. Honestly, I think to myself like, we could have killed the game. My concepts, his beats, oh ni**a please,” Joc added. “We just don’t see the future the same way. I see tomorrow as a bright future, you see tomorrow as doomsday. But I wish him much success. He’s a hot producer and I have nothing bad to say. I ain’t the ni**a for beefing.”

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