Young Jeezy: To Remix Swagger Like Us Along With Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, T.I..

Young Jeezy: To Remix Swagger Like Us Along With Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, T.I..

Young Jeezy probably should have been on “Swagger Like Us (S.L.U.)” with Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, T.I. and, of course ‘Ye himself. It looks like the Snowman will officially be getting his shot soon: There are talks of him jumping on the remix.

“I think I’m gonna do that,” Young said last week. “I hollered at Tip about it at the VMAs. I said, ‘Let me get that instrumental.’ Make sure y’all listen to my verse real carefully.”

Young Jeezy‘s The Recession debuted at #1 on the Billboard albums chart, and the Snowman said he’s stumped as to what to put out next. Some are calling for “My President,” others are yelling for “Who Dat.” Young said when he goes to the club, the picture doesn’t get any clearer, DJs are playing all or most of the album.

“Man, I was in the club the other night, and I went to the DJ booth to check out the DJ,” Jeezy said last week. “Nobody was there. He had left the booth and just put in my album and pressed play. He was just letting the CD rock.”

One joint that stays in constant rotation up here in the secret location of Mixtape Monday headquarters is the Don Cannon-produced “Circulate.”

“I was in New York when Don sent me that sample,” Jeezy recalled. “He sent me the sample. I just wanted to kind of go to that ’70s feel of clubbin’, but you still got the pain and passion in the music. If you listen to the whole album, it’s like a ‘we shall overcome’ type of album. Like we really got to stick together on this one and get through it. That’s what the whole recession is about. ‘The dollar circulate’ is in the back of my mind. We all know it’s messed up, but when it starts back circulating, I’m thinking about what I can get. I’m thinking, ‘When it gets back right, I’mma do this, I’mma do that.’ ” …

Source: MTV

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