Young Jeezy Locked Up For Disorderly Conduct

Young Jeezy

Young JeezyGeorgia rapper, Young Jeezy was arrested early this morning for disorderly conduct at Stoker’s, a popular Atlanta strip club.

According to Dekalb County police Jeezy, whose real name is Jay Jenkins, was arrested at Stroker’s nightclub in Atlanta at 3:31 a.m. this morning. After being charged with disorderly conduct, Jeezy’s bail was set at $280 and he has since been released, Dekalb County Spokesperson Officer Mickey Jones told SOHH.

While details surrounding the incident remain unclear, reports have circulated that members of Jeezy’s entourage caused a disturbance while trying to pass security in order to enter Stroker’s. After Jeezy stepped in to calm the situation he was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

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