Young Chris (of Young Gunz): Talks Of State Property Reunion, Beanie Siegel, Lil’ Wayne..

Young Gunz

Young GunzIf you didn’t get the hint from records like “Ocean’s Seven” and “Live in Effect,” State Property have officially reunited. Young Chris of the Young Gunz told us all it took was for everybody to sit down together and air out their differences like grown men.

“We had good conversations,” said Chris, who just released a duet with Beanie Sigel called “Rush.” “It’s all good. I always kept my same relationship with everybody. I never had no problem with nobody. We been together for a little minute now. Dropping records, releasing records on the streets, getting the streets back, letting ’em know we still here. Shout-out to Beans. Everybody is good, though. Everybody is doing their thing.”

While Beanie is serving out a small bid for parole violations (he should be home this summer), the rest of the Prop are continuing to work in his absence. Chris is on schedule to drop his long-talked-about solo LP, Now or Never, this year. The youngster maintained that it wasn’t difficult making the transition from group member to soloist.

“I been working on the album since the end of ’05,” he said. “Jay-Z came to me and said, ‘Next, your solo album.’ So ever since then, I been working on it. Every time I go in the studio, it’s three verses and a hook. This has been three years now. I got it down pat now. I feel good. I’m going into it this year. I won’t say it was hard. If you look at the timing, it took a little time, but it wasn’t hard.”

Chris has been working with producers Dre & Vidal, Lil Wayne (“our song is called ‘Welcome to Paradise’, welcome to our life behind the rap”) and has a song with The-Dream that might be the first single.

There’s also a mixtape with DJ Omega and Ahmir called Campaign for Change. That project is the follow-up to previous solo releases The New Crack, Politically Incorrect and Young Chris-Mas.

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