Young Buck: Vincent Chase And His Boys Are Not The Only Celebs Who Get It On In Medellin “Columbia”..


You think Vincent Chase and his boys are the only celebs who get it on in Medellin, Columbia? Nah. Young Buck shot his latest video for “U Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” down youngbuck.jpgthere. When we saw him last week on the BET Awards red carpet, he marveled at how beautiful the women are in Columbia. Stateside, Buck Marley has been cozying up with the Queen Bee Lil’ Kim.

They were actually seen out for a dinner together a few weeks back. The main thing the Mayor of Cashville, Ten-a-key, wants us and everybody else to know about is not his love of woman, but of his camp, the G-Unit.

Despite rumors of him denouncing 50 Cent and his crew a few weeks ago in Atlanta, Young Buck said it’s all false and that he’s only throwing praises at Fif.

“Everything is beautiful,” he said about his status in the clique. “50 is … putting me in my lane to be able to do me. I’m here to support 50 with everything he’s doing. It’s always going to be good. You can never take a G out of this G-Unit.”

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