Young Buck: Released A New Single Talking About DJ Khaled Refusing To Play His Music Due To Beef Between Fat Joe And G-Unit..

Young Buck

A new track by G-Unit‘s Young Buck recently leaked onto the net calling out Terror Young BuckSquad affiliate and Core DJ representative DJ Khaled.

Young Buck was threatened last winter by a ban from Core DJ’s, of which Khaled is a member. While Young Buck says he has made peace with the prominent DJ collective, he can’t figure out why Khaled won’t play his songs.

On a new track, which was fittingly played by DJ Kay Slay aka The Drama King on Hot 97, Buck spits: “Khaled, play my sh!t ni99a ‘I’m the best’ / I don’t carry grudges cuz’ I get it off my chest…

“Maybe Fat Joe tellin’ you not to f#@$ with the Unit,” he raps. “You can’t ban me from radio or no DJ,” he continues, before alluding to Khaled’s hit, “while you takin’ over the city, I’m taking over the state.”

Toward the end of the track, Buck speaks over the music, “I tried to get your man to play my sh*t. MIA want to hear my sh*t. They f#@$ing wit you, but they f#@$ wit me more… I understand your situation man, being loyal to your crew. sh*t I’m loyal like a motherf#@$er too, but a hit is a hit ni99a. For you to win, You gotta play the hits. And I’m bumpin’ ni99a, So play my sh*t, ni99a, like every other DJ!”

  • Young BuckPlay My Shit (DJ Khaled Diss)
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