Yo Gotti, Young Jeezy And Gucci Mane Here To ‘Save’ Street Music


‘I feel that’s who the streets look at as far as trap music,’ Gotti tells Mixtape Daily.

Yo Gotti just wants to preserve the environment. The Memphis, Tennessee, MC wants to uphold the integrity of the streets in hip-hop. He has talked about the responsibility on the shoulders of himself, Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane as three of the ‘hood’s ambassadors.

“Keep getting it, I respect you and salute you, my n—a,” Gotti says on the record “Save Da Trap,” talking directly to Jeezy. “I knew you for this rap sh–/ We used to speak on trap sh–/ You represent the streets and you know I do the same/ From one gangsta to another, dawg, I hope you never change.” 

The last verse of the song addresses Gucci Mane.

“I don’t really f— with rappers but you/ You like my brother,” Gotti says to Gucci. “We was in the spot/ We looked out for one another/ The first time I met, three songs in one night.”

Gotti explained his musical letters to us.

“I feel like it’s our job, between me and Jeezy and Gucci — I feel that’s who the streets look at as far as trap music,” Gotti explained. “So if it’s gonna be saved, we have to save it. That [song is] me telling myself and them, ‘Don’t do it.’ We gotta save the trap — the streets want us here. We still can do what we wanna do, make any kinda music we want to do — but we gotta keep representing the trap for the trap, ’cause that’s what’s made us.”

Yo Gotti’s next album, Live From the Kitchen, comes out later this year. He recently filmed a video for “Women Lie, Men Lie” in Los Angeles.

“It’s a mystery video,” Gotti said. “Women lie, men lie — it’s kind of a mystery video. You’ll see what’s going on and what’s not going on. I’m rapping about numbers. It’s self-explanatory, a lot of things I’m talking about — figures … what jewelry cost, what my deal is worth. It’s just different things where I come from in the streets — a lot of numbers.”

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