Wiz Khalifa Talks Refusing Deal With Rick Ross

Wiz Khalifa2

Wiz Khalifa talks: “When I woke up and went to Twitter I saw a bunch of people talking about it and was like ‘What the hell?’ So I went on the blogs and saw his video,” he says. “then Ross ended up calling me [the same day] to say it himself.” 

This conversation took place when Wiz Khalifa’s deal with Atlantic Records was already a done deal, but he admits that even if his deal with Atlantic were nonexistent, he still would’ve passed on Rick Ross’ offer.

“I would’ve kept doing what I was doing till I found something huge [outside of Maybach Music]. I’m all about standing behind my own brand instead of putting myself up under somebody else’s,” he explains. “[Success] might take a little bit longer and take more work, but in the end it pays off because I can stand right up there with my peers and have respect.”

Apparently Khalifa has always been a Self Made, just as he previously told MTV…

Khalifa recently also refused to Join Drake’s Lightdreams and Nightmares tour, due to his coming Waken Baken tour.

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