Wiz Khalifa Talks “Blacc Hollywod” & Hanging With Miley Cyrus

Wiz Khalifa

Billboard recently interviewed Wiz Khalifa and got some insight on his new upcoming album titled Blacc Holywood. Wiz speaks about the artist that will be part of the album such as Charlie Wilson, Bruno Mars and Miley Cyrus.

“The music is pretty much there for the album,” Wiz said, “it’s called Blacc Hollywood. It’s not all the way put together, but a good bit of it is finished.

Wiz speaks specifically about Miley Cyrus.

“There is a Miley [Cyrus] song on the album,” he said. “It might not be what everybody expects from me and Miley ‘cause we do like club records and fun stuff. So, the one I have for the album is completely left of that, but it’s crazy, it’s insane.”

Wiz elaborates on the experience of working with Miley and admits to smoking “a ton of pot” with her. “It’s cool as heck kicking it with Miley,” Wiz said, “she’s real fun. We ride Can-Am’s through Hollywood and we just chill. Everybody knows she smokes pot now, so I can say we smoke a ton of pot and we just kick it. Oh, her Dad’s cool as heck too, Billy Ray, that’s the homie. Her brother is a friend of mine, her little sister is super dope, she doesn’t smoke pot yet, but yeah.”


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