Will X Rise Again?


DMX is back behind bars, a place that he might as well call his second home.   He was once the big dogg in the hip hop world but now his bark isn’t nearly as loud as it once was.   So what happend to X and will he ever rise again?

X’s other home Arizona is where the hip hop star has spent most of his time recently and it is where he has been arrested several times.  His recent charges are typical of what you would expect from him, animal cruelty, and drug possession.  It seems that X just can’t avoid trouble and this has buried his once promising acting career.  I got to admit the man had passion and it came through on the screen, all that potential down the drain.  As X now sits in an Arizona jail cell contemplating his next move he claims all this recent turmoil has gotten him to realize his true calling, to become a pastor.  In the video below he also talks about his upcoming Gospel album and his new reality show “Pain and Perseverance.”

Gospel and DMX, really?  Although his passion is perfect for the genre, X belongs back in the rap game.  Unfortunately he has shown that he simply can’t avoid the life of crime and it will continue to haunt him his whole life.

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