Was Drake Dissed By Katy Perry? Called Soft


Katy Perry recently had a phone interview with The Breakfast Club on Friday (April 25), during the interview she gave us insight on her new single “ and how it felt to work with Juicy J on the single “Dark Horse”.

She went on to say that Juicy J was a hard  worker and a sweet person but when on to say that she didn’t want to leave the impression the rapper was  “softer than Drake.” So like a low blow to me.

“He’s such a sweet, genuine guy. [He’s] an amazing hard worker,” Katy Perry said when asked about Juicy J. “I’ve worked with a lot of people that I’ve done little pieces on songs and not that they’ve got ego, but Juicy’s the kindest. He’s like the most kindest, sympathetic, sweet—I don’t wanna make him out like to be softer than Drake…I love Drake. He’s like my secret diary.”

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