Wale & Meek Mill Clarify Releasing A Mixtape Vs. A Studio Album

Wale 7

Wale and Meek Mill spoke on the different approaches that take place when releasing a mixtape and releasing a studio album.

“Album mode is different,” Wale said during an interview at the Philadelphia stop of Axe’s “One Night Only” concert series. “I don’t start the album process trying to provide the feel of a mixtape. As a whole, I put a lot of time into lyrics and production. In the sequencing of my last album The Gifted, you can hear the intricacies between the songs.”

Meek Mill went on to explain why he does mixtapes.

“[Mixtapes] always help me, because I’m putting out hot music anyways,” Meek said. “But giving something back to the fans sometimes…they pay for everything anyways, so why not give ‘em a free album?”

Wale, Meek Mill, J. Cole, Kaptn, A$AP Ferg and French Montana all participated in Axe’s “One Night Only” series, which also included stops in Austin, Texas; New Orleans, Louisiana; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Seattle, Washington.

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