Tyga Buys A New $6.5M Mansion In L.A.


According to TMZ Tyga could be going broke anytime soon, but hey, what does TMZ knows???

Well, TMZ broke the story: a Malibu landlord named Gholamreza Rezai sued Tyga, claiming Tyga is not paying him the $16,000-per-month rent, but still lived in the house.

But a rep for Tyga tells TMZ the lawsuit is 100% rubbish, insisting Tyga gave the landlord the necessary 30 days prior notice before he left the house and everything should be settled.

Tyga also claims he’s definitely not living in the home because he has bought a brand new 9,279-square-foot mansion he purchased in Calabasas, which costs $6.5-million and its 20 miles away from the house he rented.

As for Tyga’s new crib, which is the picture above, sources say its huge boasting 7 bedrooms, 8 baths, a movie theater, pool spa, waterfall, tennis courts, gym.

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