Two Guys Stabbed At A Lloyd Banks Concert


On saturday March 5th, two young guys were stabbed during a Lloyd Banks Concert at The Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY.

Police are investigating on both cases, both recovered at Erie County Medical Center after the brawl at the Lloyd Banks’ concert.

The incidents (Can we really be sure of that?) happened in a separate way on March 5th during the performance of Lloyd Banks. One named Anthony Marshall (21 years old) and the other Clayton Webster (23 years old), both stabbed and Webster is now in critical condition.

Authorities have not made any arrests but they are trying to find a logical connection between the two events.

It is strange especially if you also think of what happened at the BBQ of the same Lloyd Banks in 2006 when a gunfire erupted leaving a teenager paralyzed… [It all happens only to Lloyd Banks, poor him] but in any case, Lloyd Banks is definitly not involved.

Please lets call a QUIT to this violence, it only gives a negative image to the hiphop community.

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