Tupac Shakur Investigations Continues And More Surprises Coming


The ongoing investigation into the murder of Tupac Shakur continues to present surprises. In October, the Thug Life rapper’s former bodyguard, retired LAPD officer Kevin Hackie, revealed to the audience at a screening of the documentary “Tupac Assassination: Conspiracy or Revenge?” that he was also covertly working with the Feds to investigate racketeering suspicions against Suge Knight and Death Row Records.

The information caused quite a stir in hip-hop circles and was another twist for fans and family of the late rapper to deal with. But Hackie said officers at the screening weren’t being as upfront with details about the case, especially considering much of the information, he said, is noted in police files.

“There was a cop there LAPD detective Greg Kading, and basically he was blowing a smokescreen to the audience about police procedures and what was going on with the homicide and all this other sh–,” Hackie explained. “And in a sense, I just basically got pissed off because everything he’s telling the audience is sh– I did 12 to 13 years ago. I took it personally.”

Hackie’s comments that night have since launched him and Reggie Wright Jr. the former head of Death Row security into the spotlight. The two began tossing barbs in the press over who was responsible for 2Pac‘s death. Wright claimed Hackie was involved in shady dealings and was an informant for the FBI, not working undercover. He also claimed Hackie’s continued lateness resulted in the rapper’s death. Hackie allegedly didn’t originally make the trip to Las Vegas the night 2Pac died because he had other matters scheduled. Wright claimed that because of Hackie’s known tardiness, ‘Pac took off for the fight without a full detail.

Hackie, on the other hand, accuses Wright who also served as the day-to-day general manger of Death Row while Knight was jailed of allegedly being a crooked cop and conspiring with Knight to murder 2Pac. “Reggie knows what I know about the gun, and I’ll just leave it at that,” Hackie told us, referring to the weapon used to shoot 2Pac.

Hackie has been so insistent in his claims, he recently made headlines for challenging Wright to take a lie-detector test to prove Wright’s innocence. Hackie said he he’d pay his former “best friend” 100 grand if he passes. The two who haven’t spoken in 10 years Hackie were set to meet last week in an arrangement made by a Fox News affiliate in Los Angeles who would televise the polygraph procedure. But Hackie explained Wright backed out.

“It’s the perfect crime,” Hackie said, referring to the police blunders and number of deaths of witnesses. “Orlando Anderson shot 2Pac. There’s documents, search warrants. There’s no doubt about it you can contact Las Vegas Metropolitan Police. That’s been proven. But those who conspired with him obviously is what we’re looking at now.”

Source: MTV

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