Tragic Loss of Miami Rapper Bizzle


NBC Miami reports that rapper Bizzle was killed outside of a car wash around 7:30 last night, Monday October 15.

Rapper Bizzle, real name Robert LaBranche, is a native of Liberty City. He started rapping in 2000 and released his most popular song, Lip Biting Animal, in 2006.

Bizzle got in an argument with a man outside the car wash. His son and daughter were in the car at the time. The children, however, did not see what happened and are in the care of their family.

The community’s reaction to the Bizzle’s murder indicates that he was a strong member in the area. A spokesman for the Miami Police, Det. Willie Moreno said, “This is someone that was definitely loved, not just by his family but by his community.”

Currently, the police are searching for a black male who was wearing all black.

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