(Tracklist) Asher Roth-Asleep In The Bread Aisle


The album title is way out there in left field but that’s why we like it.

Quote from billboard.com:

On “Asleep in the Bread Aisle,” known producers like Don Cannon contribute, but newcomer Oren Yoel crafted the bulk of the album’s beats. His mixture of boom-bap drums and pop sensibility mixes well with Roth’s happy-go-lucky and sincere rhymes. On cuts like the comical “Bad Day,” Roth describes a plane trip to a wedding in New York, where he’s stuck between a screaming baby and an over-sized seatmate.

“Lark On My Go-Cart”
“Blunt Cruisin'”
“I Love College”
“Bad Day” ft. Jazze Pha
“Be By Myself” ft. Cee-Lo
“Sour Patch Kids”
“She Don’t Want A Man”
“As I Em” ft. Chester French
“His Dream” ft. Miguel
“Leo The Lion”
“Nothing You Can’t Do”

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