Tony Yayo: Not The One Who Slapped And Punched The Son Of The Game’s Manager..

Remember last March when G Unit rapper Tony Yayo got arrested for slapping and Tony Yayopunching a 14 year old boy on a New York city street, allegedly because the kid was wearing a rival industry foe’s Czar Entertainment t-shirt and the kid turned out to be Czar’s head honcho and rapper The Game‘s manager Jimmy “Henchman” Redmond’s son James? Anyway, come to find out, a pal of Yayo’s has already admitted that he was the one who hit little Jimmy, not Yayo.

They say dude confessed back in August, but that the investigators suppressed the confession.

Lowell Fletcher told cops that he was the one who slapped little Jimmy and that all Tony Yayo did was pull him away from the boy. Lowell is currently in jail serving a 2 1/2-year sentence for drug possession. “They disclosed it today, and we plan to file a motion for dismissal,\” said Scott Leemon, Yayo\’s lawyer