Tony Yayo: Making More Money For Just Hyping Up The Crowd For Somebody..

Tony Yayo: Making More Money For Just Hyping Up The Crowd For Somebody..

When you’re making $50,000 a show just for hyping up the crowd for somebody else’s concert, it’s a little difficult to get overly anxious about putting out your own album. Tony Tony YayoYayo hasn’t been rushing the follow-up to his 2005 effort, Thoughts of a Predicate Felon, even though he’s the only member of the G-Unit crew without at least two LPs.

“I got so much material right now,” Yayo said last week, fresh from court. “I’m to a point where I got a little spoiled. Honestly, I been working, and I got a lot of music. I get paid so well, I wasn’t worried about an album. The average rapper has financial problems. 50 keeps all of us right. If I’m getting $50,000 a show with 50 and I just did two months’ worth of shows, come on, man. 50 is the biggest rapper. He’s getting half a million just to walk in somewhere, and we’re doing nothing but stadiums. We’re going places rappers don’t go, where they don’t know rappers.

“There’s an album coming,” he added. “I have plenty of material. The title I ain’t think of nothing yet, really, but I got lot of music. I got over 30 songs. I’m good money. I’m still working.”

Yayo says the G-Unit album (tentatively titled Lock and Load) is still coming, and it has contributions from Timbaland, Dr. Dre, Swizz Beatz, Havoc and Eminem. But there is no set time table for that release or for the next 50 solo album, Before I Self Destruct.

“It’s just really a work process,” he said of Lock and Load‘s being pushed back from the holiday season. “Everything has to be launched the right way and worked the right way. Labels like Interscope, they don’t do everything people think they do for G-Unit. … When G-Unit was at their prime and I got out of jail and 50 sold all them records all that was done through G-Unit Records.

“I’m just learning a lot, and I’m learning timing is everything,” he said. “Everything has to be promoted the right way. Before, it would take a couple of weeks for a single to pick up. Now it takes months. It’s a whole different ballgame. 50 is a smart decision-maker, and we have to figure out the right way to put out the album. We got some fire, and we’re bringing something new to hip-hop.” …

Source: MTV

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