Tony Yayo Makes Quotes About 50 Cent’s New Ablum


50 Cent said going back in with Dre caused him to shelve most of his existing material in favor of working on new music. “It’s about 30 percent of what I had when I felt like I was finished,” Fif explained. “The production, Dre made a lot more of the music that’s on the actual album now. I rewrote some concepts.”

Tony Yayo told MTV News the album should be a classic.

“50 got some crack,” Tony Yayo said. “50 got some unexplainable records. He’s just waiting. The thing with 50, the n***a is addicted to being a perfectionist. He’ll wait. He’s not like these other n***as that gotta rush to make a album. 50’s got millions. The average artist is rushing an album because they want that advance money. They gotta pay their bills. Nah, that n***a’s good.

He won’t put out anything until sh–‘s right. You already know when he’s this quiet, he’s got a master plan. He’s got something up his sleeve.”

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