Timbaland Inks A Deal With Sony / ATV Music


Amazing hip hop producer/artist Timbaland has signed with Extreme Music. It is a division of Sony / ATV Music Publishing for which the artist will produce 75 new songs intended for the Production Music Library.

Extreme Music, makes music for music supervisors and professional men who need new material for their productions. Under this agreement, Timbaland and Mike “Daddy” Evans will write songs exclusively for the Extreme Music, which until now has provided music for TV series such as “30 Rock”, “Glee”, “Entourage”, “The Office”, “Gossip Girl”, movies like “The Fighter”, “Avatar”, “Twilight Saga Eclipse”, and “Inception “, and also for advertising campaigns of Coca-Cola, Virgin Atlantic, Ford and AT & T.

Last week, also the rapper Xzibit have signed with Extreme a contract for 40 new songs for a compilation entitled “Urban Ammo 2″. Other names that work with the Extreme Music are Hans Zimmer, Quincy Jones, Snoop Dogg, Junkie XL and Paul Oakenfold.

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