T.I. And Shawty Lo: Not About G-Unit & Fat Joe, Its A Whole New Beef Phase..


Well, now that the elephant in the room has been addressed, everyone can move to the next phase. This is not about Fat Joe and G-Unit, its about the long-brewing back-and-forth between T.I. and Shawty Lo.

T.I. recently told MTV News that he was calling out Shawty Lo on “No Matter What.” Then, when Tip had a phone interview with an Atlanta radio station recently, he compared the D4L founder to a canine. “It’s like a dog barking and howling at the moon,” T.I. told radio station 92Q Jamz. “That dog don’t even know why he’s barking and howling at the moon. The moon don’t care. The moon is so far away. The dog can’t touch the moon. The dog can’t shut the moon off. He just sits there. Eventually, the dog will get tired of barking, and he, too, has to admire the moon as it shines. Just let the moon shine, dog.”

“He ain’t no moon,” Lo responded. “I feel like he ain’t no Jay-Z or nobody like that. He’s the clouds, but I ride through clouds every day. He gotta meet me eye to eye. I can’t beat him at arguing. He’s like a girl. A girl will win an argument every time.

“His name ain’t Tip, it’s ‘T. Lie,’ ” Lo continued via cell from Atlanta. “Yeah, T. Lie. That’s his name.”

While Lo rapped on “Dunn Dunn” that Tip should acknowledge him, he didn’t mean like this. “We ain’t finnin’ to hint no more. We ain’t gotta hint no more,” Shawty said about the subliminal bantering between the two.

Lo said it all started around the time Tip dropped his “King” song. Lo had another song with “king” in the title and even tried to collaborate with T.I. He says Tip turned him down and made reference to it on “Big Sh– Poppin’ ” with the line: “I said it on ‘King,’ and them lames started laughin’/ And same suckers now want the King on a track with ’em.”

Still, Lo insisted that he wasn’t really sweating it too tough. He said he even enjoyed T.I. as a rapper. “He did put Bankhead the rappers’ shared Atlanta neighborhood on the map. I can’t take that away from him,” Shawty added. “But he ain’t from Bankhead. It wasn’t no problem. He was screaming our ‘hood. I liked him. … We ain’t have no rapper repping for our ‘hood. You had Jermaine Dupri and Ludacris from the south side, and then you had people repping for the east side, but nobody for us. He had a pass.”

Shawty Lo said he’s calling T.I. out now because of his lines on “No Matter What.” “He disrespected me on a song,” Lo said. “Pass over with. Time to tell the truth. He ain’t no real street n—a. We been letting him get away with it for a long time. Tell him to come to Bankhead like he went to Houston neighborhood Cloverland with Lil Flip.”

For the record, Tip has brought the MTV News cameras down to Bankhead before, and people did acknowledge him as being from around there.

Shawty Lo just released a “Foolish” remix, which features DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Jim Jones and Baby and he raps, “Cross your T’s and dot your I’s/ I’m the real Bankhead man, that no lie/ … I said it before, I’m a real D-boy/ You can’t be me, folk.”

“I ain’t gotta respond,” Lo said about his records that go after Tip. “I ain’t trying to get in no battle rap with T. Lie. That’s what he do; he’s a rapper. I’m a street n—a. I’m a trapper. I really lived it. I got 28 arrests, four convictions. My name is Carlo Walker, look it up.”

Source: MTV

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