The Games Changes Album Title To “Year Of The Wolf” & Explains Why

The Game 4

During an interview on Los Angeles radio station Power 106,  (July 15),  rapper Game said that he is changing the title of his forthcoming album to Year Of The Wolf. Last month it was said that the album’s title would be Blood Money La Familia. Game went into more detail on why he titled the able Year Of The Wolf.

“It’s called Year Of The Wolf…People [are] pretty much terrified of wolves,” Game said during the Power 106 interview. “Wolves howl. They scream and do all of that. And I just feel like this year I got a lot to get off my chest. And with this album, man, I’m going in on a lot of people. A lot of issues. A lot of stuff. I got very angry artists that I’m signing…It’s a whole angry movement…This is Los Angeles, ladies and gentlemen. And it’s a lot of fuckery going on out here. And I’m tired of people walking around. Hitting the red carpets and feeling like, you know, feeling like they Madonna when you Ma-thot-a. Basically, what I’mma do is I’m exposing everything. Everything, everybody [can] get it. It’s like one of them tell-all books, but in music form.”

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