The Game Tlaks Former Beef With Jay-Z, Knows He Is Respected

The Game 7

Now that Game’s beef with rapper Jay-Z seems to have faded away, the Compton MC is finally speaking on his past feud with the Hip Hop legend. In an exclusive interview with, Game discussed being one of few artists to have a successful career after dissing Jay-Z on a record and made public that even the mother of his child believed that a beef would be a career ender.

“I’m probably one of the only cats that ever went straight at Jay-Z’s neck and still had a career after which was risky,” Game explained. “I remember even fighting…with the mother of my children cause she was a Jay-Z fan. She was like, ‘You don’t know what you’re doing. He’s gonna come back and we’re not gonna be able to survive.’ And I just wanted to be like, ‘What? This is crazy.’ But Jay and Beyonce are a powerful couple man. They’ll turn your whole family against you.”

Although Jay-Z has never fully replied to any of Game’s disses, Game believes that he is respected by Jay-Z as an artist.

“Jay never responded,” said Game. “Number one, he is smart and I think that he knows that I’m reckless and there’s nothing that I can’t say. But he has to be filtered because he’s more of a businessman and older and he’s doing all these business deals. So he can’t really go as reckless as I can, but once I go I’m going. Plus Jay, I think in his own right respects me as a lyricist. He doesn’t have to do a song with me, but I know that he listens and I know that he respects me cause he responds sometime.”

At the moment, Game is preparing for the release of his fifth studio album, Jesus Piece, which is due out on December 11.

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