The Game Sued For Defamation By Kid’s Sitter

the game-rapper

The Game is being sued by his children’s now ex-babysitter, Karen Monroe for defamation after his went on Instagram and posted accusation against her.

In the Instagram post (which is now deleted), Game accused Monroe of many things. From having sex with her boyfriend at Game’s house and leaving condom wrappers, yelling at kids and a  list of other complaints. Game even claimed that Monroe mistreats Kelis and Nas’ son Knight.

The lawsuit alleges that the Instgram rant by Game was distributed on multiple publications and ”numerous individuals have decided to send Plaintiff death threats, ridicule her, accuse her of crimes, express their hatred for her, harass her, and hold her out for scorn and contempt.”

Monroe is aiming to receive an uncertain amount for damages because she ties her unemployment, inability to get rehired and newly developed depression to Game’s Instagram post.

The Intagram post can be seen below.


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