The Game Says Dr. Dre Will Never Bring Out “Detox”

The Game 4

Dr. Dre has been taking his very sweet time with his long antcipated final solo album Detox, which has been in the making for over a decade. Game, who has worked with the West Coast veteran on the LP since the beginning of his career, lately chopped it up with VIBE, discussing how fans may end up never hearing the project.

“Detox, it’s like Jesus,” he said. “Will you ever get to see Jesus? It’s like a hip-hop Jesus.”

Even after Dre dropped a few singles over the past couple of years, The Game feels that the rapper will not release the album until he’s truly content with the final product.

“Dre’s a hard guy to please,” adds Game, also stating how his Beats by Dre company interferes with the album. “He’s so critical… If he doesn’t become 100 percent happy, then we’ll probably never end up hearing Detox. I’ll say never.”

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