The Game: Props To Busta Rhymes For Not Getting Involved In The Hip Hop Beef..

The Game: Props To Busta Rhymes For Not Getting Involved In The Hip Hop Beef..

Props to Busta Rhymes for not wanting to get involved in the tomfoolery of hip-hop beef. Bus is cool with rivals Game and 50 Cent, partly due to his unwillingness to insert himself in their never-ending feud.

Way back when Game was really going hard at G-Unit, Busta gave his West Coast friend some tough love.

“We were both going to New York once on a flight,” Game recently remembered about being ignored by Bus. “It was in the midst of the scuffle when I was just brain-dead in hip-hop, doing whatever. Not listening to nobody. Just going in like a chicken with his head cut off. Busta stopped me in the airport: ‘Son! I don’t like what you’re doing. I don’t!’ Just walks off. Ironically, me and Bus were sitting next to each other on the flight. Me, I’m joking, punching him the whole time. ‘Son, stop punching me. I’m reading my book!’ ”

Game said that Busta just sat there and read XXL magazine the entire time and wouldn’t engage in a conversation with him. In fact, he barely acknowledged that Game was there. “It was a five-hour flight to New York,” Game added. “I was mad. Five-hour flight. It don’t take five hours to read XXL. ‘This is me, Bus.’ He just stared at me, didn’t say nothing.”

Finally, once the flight landed, Rhymes left his friend with some parting words: “Be safe out here. I don’t like what you’re doing!” According to Game, Busta just walked off after that and that was the last time they spoke to each other for quite some time.

“He didn’t talk to me for a year,” Game elaborated. “I calmed down. Seen Busta at the BET Awards in Atlanta. He said, ‘Son! I like what you’re doing. “One Blood”! You back.’ I got a hug from Bus. The reunion.” Busta and Game are tight now, and the New York hip-hop legend appears on Game’s new L.A.X. LP.

“Me and Bus are friends. Bus is 100 percent honest. I’m 100,” he described. “It’s about friendship. You can’t change friends, no matter what. Before he does anything with me in the studio, he asks me, ‘Where’s my mind at? What am I on?’ He tells me, ‘Busta Rhymes is not gonna be a part of no negative stuff.’ All right.” …

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