The Game Is Up For A G-Unit Reunion & A Collaboration With Jay-Z

The Game Is Up For A G-Unit Reunion & A Collaboration With Jay-Z

In supporting his latest album, Jesus Piece, Game has been asked to discuss issue from his past. In a recent interview with BET, Game was asked about past beefs with Jay-Zand 50 Cent. While discussing this, Game expressed his feelings on a possible collabo with Jay-Z and said how G-Unit could reunite.

“It wasn’t that I resented Jay-Z or had any real beef,” Game explained, when discussing his lyrical feud with Jigga. “I just wanted to pick a fight and maybe he would spit at me and I could spit at him and get into a lyrical war…I tried and he responded with little lines here and there and I think the possibility of a song happening over the years kind of got tainted. But it’s a new day. I’m a new person. I’m a little bit older. Hopefully one day we’ll be able to make that happen. If not, I’ve had a glorious career. I’m on my fifth album and not really looking for anything else to fall out the sky for me so it is what it is.”

Jay-Z isn’t the only rapper he’d collaborate with. Game stated he and 50 Cent could collaborate in the future and there’s still a chance of “G-Unit reforming.”

“What 50 gotta do is let go of his ego. I don’t hold grudges. I was mad for the time being when we were going through that and after that, I immediately graduated to a neutral ground where that could have happened but it’s 50, man. Once he calms his ego and realizes that there still could be the possibility of G-Unit reforming, then who knows? But I know you can’t put together G-Unit without Game and you can’t do it without 50,” he said. “It’s kind of like that John Lennon/Paul McCartney thing. Jimmy Iovine used to say that a lot.”

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