The Game: Is About 80 Percent Done With His Next Album “LAX”..

The Game

The GameGame is about 80 percent done with his next album, LAX, according to his camp. The man his DJ, Nu Jerzey Devil, is calling “A-Game” has been working with producers Cool and Dre and Scott Storch, among others, but there’s word now that he and Dr. Dre are hooking up again too.

“Dr. Dre dropped some stuff off,” Nu Jerzey Devil said. “But I’m not sure if Game did anything to them yet.” Game has been working in Miami and Los Angeles and should be ready to drop sometime this spring. The Compton, California, native has also reunited with his estranged brother, Big Fase, but that hasn’t stopped Game from continuing to tell his guys that LAX will spell el fin for him.

“He’s fed up with all the BS,” Devil said of Game’s plans to retire. “Unless something tremendous happens with this album, he’ll probably fall back and play the executive role. But this album is sounding better than his first two. He’s at his peak. I’mma do everything in my power to keep him going. I think everything will be good.”

Game‘s next mixtape is tentatively titled Am I My Brother’s Keeper and should hit the streets a little before his album.

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