The Clipse: Talks About Signed To Sony Music And About The “Re-Up Gang Family” Album..

The Clipse

The ClipseGet used to seeing this in the near future: Re-Up Gang/ Sony Music, the Clipse‘s Malice and Pusha T have a new home. “The deal is done, the ink is dry,” Malice said last week. “We’re very happy. Everything is going according to plan. We’ve had discussions with Columbia co-head Rick Rubin and our manager Tony Draper. I haven’t met Rubin myself. Kyambo Hip Hop Joshua and Draper been ironing things out. I’m sure were gonna meet, shake hands and make it all official. We’re pleased with the sense of urgency them dudes is moving with. I can say that we are a welcomed addition. They feel that way. The vibe is right. That says a lot, for me to say that, because I’m skeptical of all labels. I don’t believe it till I see it. The game made me this way.”

“We’re looking forward to ’08 and putting out consecutive good music,” Pusha added, alluding to the fact that the Re-Up Gang‘s yet-untitled LP will be followed by a new Clipse effort. “Sony has that energy, that new blood that wants to win. It’s [also] where the Clipse are right now. We’ve just never been in the position to put out music consistently. Every album there’s always been something to stand in the way of us getting the music out in a timely manner. Sony has structured a deal that honestly gives me the free right to put out music anytime I want.

“This go-round, my brother and myself, we’re CEOs of our label, and we also got equity in the group,” he added. “I think it will be all good.”

After a long tumultuous relationship, their marriage with Jive ended in a divorce. Mal says his mangers did their jobs.

“Great management has been an asset to mending relationships and being able to move on,” he said. “Tony Draper had a good rapport with Jive and a good rapport with Jive President Barry Weiss. He went and smoothed things out. We were left in a bad situation it didn’t have nothing to do with us, we were there. The tensions were between our former label Star Trak and Jive initially. We were left there to deal with hard feelings. Draper came along, and I can say he’s been really effective. He and Tony Gonzales, our other manager.”

Malice also shed some light on the Re-Up Gang Family album, saying, “It’s coming out so crazy, I don’t know what to say about it. The gloves are off, it’s time to rock. We’re eight songs in. Mentally, I’m where I wanna be. The content is street.”

The Gang have been working with a lot of up-and-coming artists so far but plan to bring in Danjahandz too. The Clipse album should follow shortly after the Gang disc, and now that they are on Sony, the door is definitely open to work with Rubin. They might also work with Kanye West and Lil Wayne (“I have no problem with Wayne,” Malice said).

“I have never recorded in this manner,” Pusha said. “I’ve never had to record and go through beats and pick joints. The whole tedious process of listening to a CD full of 30 beats. I’m used to having nine hot joints sitting in front of me and telling somebody, ‘That color ain’t it, put that record to the side.’ This process has been harder in finding the music, but the songs are coming out amazing. It’s real aggressive street hip-hop.”

The Clipse say the Neptunes will definitely be contributing to the duo’s album too “I just got the call yesterday, we got three new joints from Skateboard P,” Pusha said as will Timbaland.

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