T.I., Jeezy & Rocko Releasing Collab Album, According To DJ MLK


According to T.I’s DJ, DJ MLK there will be a collaborative album that will involve Atlanta rappers T.I, Jeezy and Rocko.

DJ MLK spoke to HipHopSince1987.com,  about the project, but did not go into much detail about it.

“[I’m not] supposed to do this, but fuck it. Y’all about to hear a project—I don’t know when it’s coming out,” DJ MLK said. “I don’t know when it’s coming out, but you heard it here first. T.I., you got Jeezy, and you got Rocko. It’s gonna be an album. It’s gonna be those three guys…Y’all stay tuned. Y’all gonna see some advertisements on it. But you heard it first, man.”

T.I. recently spoke to Hot 97 about having to choose what songs he wants for the upcoming album and eliminating songs to find the top 20 .

“I have narrowed those 250 down to the best 25,” he said. “5 extras are for international releases [and additional releases]…I want to narrow that 25 down to 20. Of that 20, I want to take six records at the top, six records in the middle, six records at the end, with two records as intermissions to the three. And I would like to shoot a movie that consists of three short stories, and the three short stories will connect these…records.”

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