Suge Knight Unfazed About Who Shot Him

Suge Knight

Suge Knight says that he could care less about who shot him August 24 at a West Hollywood, California nightclub.

“Even if I did, I don’t think that’s really important, who pulled the trigger and who I seen pulled the trigger,”Knight says during an interview with TMZ. “I think that I’m doing extremely well. I’m happy to be doing well and whatever happens, happens.”

Knight said that during the incident, something his father told him came to mind.

“I was shot inside the club and one thing my father always told me, ‘No matter what it is, you never give up,’” Knight says. “‘You never quit if you start something, or you walk in a place somewhere, you walk in one way, no matter what goes on, you leave the same way as a man.’ I was shot and I think it was important that I wanted to walk and make sure I get to the right place to patch some of these holes up.”

Though Knight is now recovering from his six gun shot wounds, he says that confrontation is inevitable.

“It’s gonna be some times when you might get in a few bar fights,” he says. “It’s gonna be some times when you might get a few shots, but if you’re able to survive those shots, you’re supposed to make yourself stronger and be more positive and more aggressive of the people you wanna deal with, and that’s the page I’m really on.”

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