Stack Bundles: Murdered Early This Monday “June 11″ Morning..

Stack Bundles (R.I.P)

This is certainly not the way you want to start off our Monday, but a tragedy has hit the Stack Bundles (R.I.P)Rap Mixtape artists community.

Dip Set‘s Byrdgang member Stack Bundles was murdered early Monday morning (June 11) in his hometown of Far Rockaway in the New York City borough of Queens. 

The story is still been followed  and condolences to Stack’s family and friends will be sent and continue to celebrate Stack Bundles and his music in the coming weeks.


New York authorities have released details surrounding the murder of Jim Jones signee Stack Bundles who was shot and killed in New York earlier this morning (June 11).

According to AM New York, Bundles (born Rayquon Elliott) was shot once in the head and once in the neck in the lobby of his Far Rockaway building around 5 a.m.

Police said the rapper had been out with his friends. One of Bundles’ friends who had walked off while the rapper was in the lobby, told authorities that he ran back when he heard gunshots but by the time he reached the scene the suspect had run off.

Bundles’ money and credit cards were still on him but a medallion he was wearing is missing, authorities said.

Bundles’ music industry peers and friends including Zakee of rap group Pitch Black and Lupe Fiasco have expressed their grief about the rapper’s unfortunate passing.

In a post on – that Atlantic Records has confirmed with SOHH, was written by Lupe – the Chi-town emcee expressed his condolences.

“My Dear Friend…it hurt so much to wake up to this…So sad…I’ve watched from the humble beginnings…when he used to live with me out in Chicago we rocked together everyday…He’d write rhymes in one room and I’d be writing rhymes in the other…He was there with me through many a milestone in my life, the up’s and the downs, and I was so proud and happy to see him achieve success in his life at what he loved…Hip-Hop…Stacks was the first person that was signed to 1st & 15th way back when it first started. FYI…Even beyond that I considered Stacks family…My heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends in this time of sadness…We all lost a good friend today…But He wont be forgotten…May God have mercy on his soul, Forgive him for his sins in this Life, and watch over him in the next…

Love my ni**a, I only shed tears for a few and I shed tears for you…

Sincerely, Lupe Fiasco

R.I.P. My homey Stacks Bundles…”

Bundles, who hails from Queens, made a name for himself in New York’s mixtape circuit via collaborations with DJ Clue, Fabolous and Joe Budden. After recently signing to Jim Jones’ Byrd Gang Records, Bundles has appeared on Jones’ third album, Hustler’s P.O.M.E. (Product of My Environment) and The Dipset Xmas album. He was 24 years old.

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