Soulja Boy Tell’Em Advice To Young Money’s Artist Drake


He’s only been in the game two years, but Soulja Boy Tell’em knows what it takes to maneuver in the music business. While on the road, he keeps a stack of mixtapes by people like OJ Da Juiceman, his friend Gucci Mane and Lil Wayne’s Young Money crew member Drake. Soulja, too, has heard the tremendous buzz about Drake in the industry and with fans. He sees that Drake has no other choice than to not drop the ball.

“What advice would I give to Drake? Just take it and run with it, man,” Soulja said Wednesday in the MTV Newsroom. “I don’t know if I really had that type of buzz around me coming into the game. I been hearing about Drake for a minute. You just hear it, like when people be gossiping like, ‘Man, Drake the truth. He goes harder than Wayne, man.’ I never really had that. Look what I did. With people talking about him like that, just take it and run with it, man.”

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