Soulja Boy & Fabolous Twitter Beef Goes On, 50 Cent Involved


Yesterday we posted about the beef going on between Soulja Boy and Fabolous in twitter and how it started.

Today it goes on, 50 Cent steps in, shots fired at Miss Info too..

Soulja tweeted:

I been showing love since I got in the game now it’s f*ck these n*ggaz. I’m saying the truth from here on out. and this n*gga sucks. str8 up. I aint takin no mo sh*t. go spread the word. u f*ck boys want my name in yo mouth umma demolish yo a**. straight up. bow bow bow get ready. and you still a wack a** rapper boy I said it @myfabolouslife. you wack a** industry n*ggaz better startin showin respect with yo corny a** bars boy @myfabolouslife. you are the prime example of an “industry n*gga” @myfabolouslife know that boy. know that. with ur weak a** raps ok im done. lame a** n*gga

And Miss Info, whom i think she had no intention of stepping on anybody’s foot tweeted:

I cant wait for @Souljaboy to confront @50cent for making fun of his KatCoke-Gate too!….that’s gonna happen, right?

Soulja Boy didn’t take this statement friendly and went on straight firing shots at the poor Miss Info:

@MissInfo Shut yo dumb ass up, 50 Cent is my nigga. he a real nigga. unlike Fab fake lame ass. now go post that on stupid ass blog.

Once Fif’s name was involved in the situation he also stepped in (though i taught Fif said he will be off twitter till 13th September??) lol….

I told you niggas a long time ago soulja boy my little nigga yal better leave him the fuck alone for somebody get hurt. For the last time I’m telling you niaggs leave my nigga alone. hollow tips a make you spit more then a hot 16. I get all you niggas killed fuck that. I dear you niggas touch him. Soulja say what ever you want, Niggas aint gone do shit. Mother fuckers always think its a joke till a nigga dead and they crying like that was my homie. I’m going back to write my album lol But leave soulja alone a bitch set him up give him a break damn.

Fabolous then got the alert and also stepped in:

Jus finished my 3rd photo shoot of the day. Now that I’m finished I can finally pay some attention to a 19yr old cokehead named @SouljaBoy. Let’s hav some fun.. New #TT #SouljasCokeHabit. #ParisHiltonsCokeHabit ain’t got shit on #SouljasCokeHabit. #SouljasCokeHabit had him wearing a chain made outta rubberbands when he 1st came out. Now he upgraded to a bunch of #BrianPumperJewels. @SouljaBoy’s biggest hits weren’t on his albums.. They were on his dresser in a hotel room wit Kat Stacks. Thank #SouljasCokeHabit. #SouljasCokeHabit made him believe those gucci pillow cases he had on his bed on MTV CRIBS was REAL.. #FakeNiggasDoFakeThings. #SouljasCokeHabit made him talk shit about me on twitter. Then he sobered up, and deleted the tweets #TypicalCokeHeadShit. Gucci Mane & Jeezy are not @SouljaBoy’s friend.. They are #SouljasCokeHabit ATL connects. Let me find out, #SouljasCokeHabit got him Amy Wine’d out.. Got em hooked like he threw a fishing line out. New Lil Wayne/Juelz Santana mixtape “I Can’t Feel My Face” Hosted by #SouljasCokeHabit. Ok Im done yall. Couple jokes is all u get Cokehead.. Even tho when I get off ull b back talkin shit prolly, I’m over it.

DJ Clue then stepped in and tweeted about having Soulja Boy and Fabolous on his radio program:

Tune Into Power1051fm.Com 8pm 2mrw @SouljaBoy & @MyFabolouslife will be on the air

Keep up with us for whats next…

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