Snoop Dogg Threatened By Oklahoma Crips


In a 2009 Snoop Dogg interview with DJ Green Lantern, Snoop Dogg discusses the gang culture outside of Los Angeles and how it could disastrously affect those who are participating.

“Gang life has dramatically changed in L.A,” Snoop said. “In California we are playing by a different set of rules and regulations, so all these cats out here you see throwing up their flag and reppin’ need to be careful because that could end up real bad for them.”

The Crips obviously didn’t like the statement and took it as a warning because the crew decided to issue a video statement to Snoop advising him that he better “reach out” to correct the situation.

“Snoop I’m giving you a pass,” the Crip said. “You need to give me a call, your concert is tomorrow and if you don’t call me, I can’t be held responsible.”

Looks like the threat didn’t go very far because Snoop’s concert went smooth without a hitch.. (HHW)

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