Snoop Dogg Offers Solution To Gun Violence

snoop dogg3

When asked about his views on what individuals can do to help stop the recent rise of shootings nationally, Snoop proposed a solution. “One of them is doing what I’m doing: correcting my mistakes by being a better person and putting out more energy and more music that represents what we’re going through as opposed to what we went through,” he said. Snoop continued:

“I ain’t going through that no more. I’m going through what you’re going through, watching the world and watching the power that I have and watching the way people react when I walk into a room. What should I do with this power? Should I abuse it? Should I continue to send my peoples down the wrong path? Or should I at least try to wake them up and let them know that there is another way and show them that the way that I’m doing it may be the new way. They’ve been following everything else that I’ve been giving them, let me give them something that got some substance to it with thought behind it.”

During last July’s New York City press conference where he first publicly announced his name change, Snoop Lion said he was initially attracted to Jamaica because he always thought he was “Bob Marley reincarnated.” Last January, original Bob Marley & The Wailers member, Bunny Wailer criticized Snoop’s Rasta conversion, calling it an “outright fraudulent use of the Rastafari communities personalities and symbolism.” In response to Wailer, Rohan Marley—Bob Marley’s son—spoke out in support Snoop Lion.

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