Snoop Dogg Hired To Promote New Controversial Drink


Snoop Dogg is the testimonial of a new alcohol-based energy beverage.

It is precisely because of the ingredients used that a minister of the Church, Paul Scott asked that the new Blast by Colt45 gets banned. According to Scott, the publicity that sees the rapper as the protagonist, is designed to attract the attention of youngsters, who then would remain victims of the dangerous ingredients that the drink contains.

“It ‘s like pointing a Colt 45 at the temple. They disguised it as soft drink with fruity variants, but the alcohol are present in a quantity that will cause irreversible damage, “said Scott, who is not alone in this battle. In fact, there is also Robert Jackson, councilor of New York City, who asked to ban the drink in the city.

The drink, has a 12 percent alcohol content and comes in grape, raspberry watermelon, strawberry lemonade and blueberry.

Critics say it is a hazard for young people because it can be confused with soft drinks.

Last October, another drink with similar characteristics, the Four Loko, sent nine students to the hospital in the state of Washington. Blast by the Colt 45, should make his debut on the market since April 5th.

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